It seems that I wrote a psychodelic poem

When I was dreaming and spelling this poem and woke up immediately to write it down:

I'm tired of Quietness
Quietness like a lead pot hanging above us
There is an obsessive mess in the @ss from Quietness!
Even angry vermins die from Quietness.

Beat the black tum!
Spread your brains over the walls!
With your mouth hole reveal the sounds of the train
Which is tired from rusted mentality of rails!

Train from the bridge....
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Either you need to read lots of C.G.Jung or you need to upgrade your cables - Your dreams will be more transparent and the imaging and'll be in Valhalla!

In my experience only analogue people dream like that. My guess is that you are free of the digitalization of life and music.

Dream On and keep writing them down.
(and read CG Jung, really!)
Nice prose! Agreed. You must read Carl Jung. His theory of "synchronicity" still blows me away.
... there were a few before but I did not realize that it was just a dream and I did not wake up. Dreams have tendency to be forgotten if you do not wake up right away.
Next time I will definitely wake up and write it down(takes a hell of a practice!).

You're right about my analogue, Craig. I listen 80% to the records and have descent and cheap digital used setup that I did not upgrade for the past few years.

I'll probably have to write down some more before I start to read Jung since I'm affraid that I will grab an outside influence and loose my image in my writing.
I would suggest laying off the peanut butter and sardine sandwiches before bedtime : ) Sean
You guys ever have dreams about speakers and other equipment? I sometimes have dreamt my system's speakers suddently were really big and then phantasmagorically got very small or had sound that really sucked and I was perplexed in my dream.. you guys ever dream about your speakers changing?
So you found your waterpipe.
I've circled the date
On my calendar.
20 years from now
Without thinking of Future.
But that's the date I'll celebrate
Every time and every year after.
Every year after until the end
And after
I'll drink the wine with the dry bread.
I'll be placing on this tread some other poems whichever I might dream and than write. Here is another one

From the deapth of my soul
I wish you happi-ness, well-ness
And Global-ness, Global-girls, Global-boys...

Do you whipe your wet face
When you cry next to the brick window on the 5th floor?