It's time to replace my 2009 factory-modded Wadia S7i with a current R2R DAC.

Having finally emerged from the rabbit hole of review leading on to review (doubting I'd ever come back),  I found that most  assess their DAC's performance based on source input from computers or servers. 

But I have a collection of cd's that I wouldn't live long enough to load  into a server, nor do I foresee streaming from commercial libraries or using USB/HDMI connectivity.

So, my question:: do present-day machines perform equally as well using native mode PCM hard discs played from a transport ?

Oh and ..have any lovers of the Wadia house sound found  equivalent sound in a R2R DAC ?


- John
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FWIW, just wanted to would add a comment to this older thread.

I was using an eight year CD player with a Phillips Transport connected to my old Theta ProBasic III DAC.

I upgraded to a PS Audio Perfectwave transport about six weeks ago connected to the same Theta DAC.  

The improvement is amazing. Much more detail across the audio band with a lot more PRAT and presence.

EVERY CD is sounding better.

Thanks for listening,


Mojo Audio. Ben’s unit destroyed my Exogal Comet Plus in about four notes. 
+3 on the Mojo Mystique.  I have the v3 and love it.  Other R2R dacs I was considering:  SW1X and Audio Note
Holo Springs 2 Kitsune edition. You will love it. Read the reviews