It's the middle of summer and I need a...


Maybe I'm asking too much, or really not properly enjoying my new listening room/sauna, but I am in desperate need of a cool running amp. The Halo A21 I have now runs HOT.

Speakers are VSA VR4-JRs, Shanling SCD-T200C source direct to amp (the Shanling has a tendency to become rather toasty too).

Suggestions please!
Look into the new digital amps. Coolest amps around. ICE technology is the wave of the future. Maybe.
Hi Drew,

Man, what a heat wave we are having here (Guelph)!
One suggestion is the Belles 150A Hot Rod amp. Very cool running and not overly expensive.


Call Albert at VSA, he has tried a few digital amps and he can give you his recommendations. He is also great to talk with.

happy Listening.
Conrad Johnson MF2500A or 2250A depending on power requirements.

McIntosh MC202. Same used price as your A21 but will be way cooler (pun intended ;)
Recently I purchased an Innersound ESL 300 to replace a Parasound HCA 3500. Not only does the Innersound run cool it sounds much better. Plus it only weighs half as much and is much smaller with essentially the same power as the 3500. Btw the Innersound amp is actually made by Coda who's engineers came from the old Threshold company I believe.
Edge amps are cool & smooth. I once used one with some VSR speakers some time ago & it worked well, better than my hot Pass X amp. I still use the Edge.