It's raining cats and dogs

Someone noted in a recent thread that his cat becomes aware when he(not the cat) feels his system is sounding good and jumps in his lap. Well I have a similar experience. We have two cats. The female jumps in my lap when I tweak it and it's correct. My focus is channel balance. After a correct adjustment she'll run up, jump in my lap and face the speakers contentedly. They have good hearing so it makes sense they'd be able to tell. It's uncanny though, that she'd be willing to repeatedly confirm it. I also have a Chihuahua that confirms the same thing. But he does it by freaking out and running to hide in the bedroom. Anyone out there have similar experiences? Go ahead and get spiritual.
End of times. Signs and Wonders.

In all seriousness, I can see cats and dogs getting to know their masters well enough to identify with their wants and needs to the point of mimicking their desires and appreciations.

Just as we learn the ins and outs of our hobbies, so can animals as they bond with us.

All the best,
When I finally got my Maggie MG12's in the sweet spot (i.e. far enough away from the front wall), my cat immediately heard it and was looking for the source of the sound all along the front wall and behind my equipment rack. Until I got them placed correctly, she showed no interest in the sound.
We're you playing the soundtrack from Cats?
Maybe you can loan them out to some of the people I run into who absoultely swear that there is no difference in sound between......(insert your favorite controversy here).
My neighbour's dog barks when I crank it up.
One of our cats is on my lap quite often when listening and it's funny to watch her ears trying to detect where the sounds are coming from when I play one of the discs recorded with Q sound. Her head and ears are every which way at once.
Are cat and dog beet it from the room when ever my daughter plays anything by Lady Gag .
I don't have that one, Geoff. But now that we've got you here, how about acquiring a cat or two yourself. Or do you already have one? You can't have too many allies, right? If yours don't anti up maybe we could team up. Imagine all us old guys'n gals with our cats in our laps listening to music raving about MD! Think about it. I'm in!(50/50:)
Think of the fun we could have if only our cats and dogs could type.
We could turn them loose on these forums and watch the fur fly.
The things they would say.

All the best,
What makes you think they haven't been you salty old dog, you. Reaughhhh!!!!
You got me there. It's time to fess up. My cat's taken over and it's been hard as hell to keep him in check and toe the line but he has some mighty strong opinions and besides, he's never listened to me anyways.

At times I feel he just keeps me around to feed him.
I feel so used.
I'm just a tool.

All the best,
I know my system is sounding it's best when I play a recording of my son singing and playing guitar and my dogs run around searching for him after checking behind the speakers.