It's National "One Hit Wonder" Day!

What's your favorite "One Hit Wonder"?

One of mine, (it’s hard to pick just one):

Come On Eileen-Dexys Midnight Runners
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Good one @acresverde! The Count Five came out of the San Jose Garage Band scene of the mid-60’s, as did a couple of other One Hit Wonder bands: The Syndicate Of Sound ("Little Girl") and People (a cover of The Zombies "I Love You"). There was also The Chocolate Watchband, who didn’t have a hit on any of their three albums, but were in the Roger Corman movie "Riot On Sunset Strip".

The Left Banke actually had another hit: "Pretty Ballerina". Both it and "Walk Away Renee" were on their debut album, which is in my LP collection.

@flatrocker, hey it just dawned on me that is you, need to get togeather, have your people call my people and we will put it togeather. Enjoy the music

" Tighter and Tighter "  Alive and Kicking

 " Dancing in the Moonlight "  King Harvest

  " Life was a Rock but the Radio Rolled Me"  Reunion

"Bottle of Wine (fruit of the vine)" - The Fireballs
In what seems to be the generally accepted spirit of the thread:

”Sugar, Sugar” - The Archies

(Also happens to be the very first record I ever owned; cut out from the back of a “Cap’n Crunch” cereal box 😊)

Now, since there also seem to be varying (and questionable) criteria used for qualifying, let’s have some fun and take it to absurdity: “A song or tune by an artist that was very popular and the only that got a lot of airplay; and, likely the only one that the majority of listeners would recognize and associate with that artist”. From that standpoint, a “one hit wonder”:

“Birdland” - Weather Report
“The Girl From Ipanema” - Stan Getz
”Take Five” - Dave Brubeck

Then, there is that tune that goes something like “ta-ta-ta-TAAA” by that guy, what was his name? Ludwig, or something like that 😄