It's it too late to buy a Jeff Rowland Synergy 2i preamp?

I’m using Avalon Opus Ceramique speaker,  many people said Jeff Rowland is perfect match with Avalon speaker but I never try. I’m think to get a JR pre-amp, but brand new Corus and Criterion are too expensive, 2nd hand product is hard to get at this moment (also expensive). May I know if Synergy 2i sonic characteristics is very close to Corus and Criterion? If I can get a good price, is it too late to buy a  good condition Synergy 2i now (around USD 3500)? Also does it match with my power-amp Electrocompaniet AW-180? THX


My present quid equipment:

Esoteric K-03X (IC: Mundorf Gold Silver XLR)
Electrocompaniet EC-4.8 (IC: Inakustik NF-1603 XLR)
Electrocompaniet AW-180 Mono-Block
Avalon Opus Ceramique (SC: Inakustik LS-1603)
Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioner
Furutech GTX-D (R) Receptacles

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