It's Back - Technics SL-1200 MKGAE

I would think that some are going to scream from the rafters with joy while others will shake their heads with distain.

But I am sure we are all going to interested.

I for one applaud Technics for paying attention to the vinyl resurgence and responding to its huge worldwide fan base to bring this legendary turntable back.  I know there have petitions going around for some time but I really didn't think it was going to happen.

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I don't need it but I think it's good. Especially for younger people who can't pay thousands for a turntable. Put Grado Gold or whatever cartridge and there will be acceptable engaging sound.
Don't know what other folks think, but I think this is huge news- 

if if the arm is better than on the last version, and the price is right, this could be a killer deck 
Boy, that looks good. But with the improvements and the limited anniversary edition, I suspect it'll be quite a bit more than the $500 I spent for an SL1210M5G at Guitar Center several years ago.
It’s very good news. I wonder if they were watching the successful release of the Pioneer PLX-1000. The Technics must be twice the price.
Wow!  Makes me want one just because!  Looks terrific!

I read elsewhere that the price is expected to be around $10K, much higher than many were expecting from Technics.
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01-06-2016 9:09am
I read elsewhere that the price is expected to be around $10K, much
higher than many were expecting from Technics.
Trust me, it won't be $10k. The price will compete with Pioneer PLX-1000. Otherwise no sense.  True classic deck is back and that's what counts. 
For Harry, this is scary.
Can anybody find this at CES, and if so provide a report?
It's not just a turntable. Panasonic has revived the Technics brand as originally conceived--a full line of high end audio components. Their new coaxial stand-mounted speaker was the cover story review for the January 2016 issue of Stereophile. They also have a large (49" tall, 159 lbs. ea.) 6-driver floorstander based on that same coaxial driver.

They also have DACs, streamers, amplifiers, etc. coming out in 2016.

Surf through this:

Looks like Technics will have (2) of these tables.  One as a limited Edition with only 1200 being made.

I bet that one will be expensive.
johnnyb53 , Technics used to have SB-7000 high def speakers with 3 separate cabinets for woofer, mid-range and tweeter stacked.
czarivey, I remember seeing a pair of those SB-7000s in a stereo store's high end room in 1975 the same year I became familar with Dahlquist DQ-10s. By that time the Technics line was offering high end preamps, turntables, and soon offered a 350wpc power amp.

Ten years earlier, Matsushita's first product under the Technics brand was a 2-way sealed bookshelf speaker introduced in 1965, the Technics 1.

Here's a link to parttimeaudiophile CES report.

Don P.

Within $3,000 I'll be ready to spend for the one with magnesium chassis and brass platter. Up till than will only be dreaming... 
Let's not forget that, adjusted for inflation, the $350 SL-1200 in 1975 is equivalent to $1544 today. The actual price of the SL12x0 series kept dropping relative to inflation because the R&D had been paid back decades ago. With this new product they have new R&D costs to factor into the selling price. The 2016 SL1200 weighs about 15 lbs. more than the original.

I bought my SL1210 M5G in 2007 for $500. That would have been just $113 in 1975 money--the price of a mid-pack Garrard with rim drive and plastic base back then.

I had a pair of Technics best speaker ever... (maybe until now)

the SB7070, they were a time aligned 4 way.  A friend still has them sitting in his basement.... I think of them quite fondly. 

Harry is not worried!

When it is out it has to beat a Scout JR with the same cartridge for me to get excited.  I'm using a Scout JR in my big system right now with an Ortofon 2M Red (Roughly $1500 retail for both) and it really sounds amazing!!!

In 1988 a well known amp maker said to me "What are you going to do in 5 years",  The answer for 2015 is :Sell more tables then we have ever sold".


I want one.

Now if I can just get my hands on a Shure V-15 Type V ...
$4000 bucks!   UGH!

Way too high priced, and too cheap looking.

Same arm as 40 years ago????
They have to charge at least $4,000.
They know that audiophiles expect to pay the big bucks,'ve been conditioned for it ($4,000 speaker cables, etc).  They feel if they charge a lower price, audiophiles won't take them seriously.

Aluminum top plate, magnesium arm w/VTA OTF, 4 layer cabinet, more inertial mass than an SP10 MK2, coreless motor.

Out to beat a Scout jr. ??  Might beat a Classic w/SDS. 

"Now if I can just get my hands on a Shure V-15 Type V ..."
Would a Type III do?

As an alternative, the Audio Technica AT150MLX has a lot of high end internals (PCOCC wiring, boron cantilever ...) and its MicroLine stylus is probably the same profile as Shure's MR--MicroRidge stylus.

johnnyb53...yesss, a Type III would be nice.
This is a 1200 in styling only. The newly designed coreless motor and magnesium arm should make for a great sounding table. I've placed an order for the GAE with an industry insider. I think this is a great price considering the tech involved. I honestly think this ($4k) is a very reasonable price. A lot better than $30k for a slab of MDF amid two sheets of aluminum. I can't what to hear how it compares to my Technics SP10 MK3.