It's back!

Thanks for the heads up, I wonder what the price will be?
You will be more surprised with this one, much more interesting:
TECHNICS SL1500C coming later this year! Wow 

I’m so in love with design, finally it looks different from the 1200 series.
I can imagine this new SL1500C with a better tonearm.
My personal award for new minimalistic design

1500C targeted for audiohiles, not for the DJs like the mk7

’Las Vegas, NV, United States, 7 January 2019 – Technics today unveiled the new SL-1500C Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable System. The SL-1500C inherits the brand’s high-end sound quality concept and adds a host of original Technics technologies, such as a coreless direct drive motor and high-- sensitivity tonearm. To simplify the playing of analogue records, the built-in Phono EQ connects to a wide variety of devices. The SL-1500C also comes equipped with a high-quality Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge. "

Thanks Technics !

I’ll be happier if they bring out a SL-1700mk3. Some of us can’t live without full auto-return. 
The SL-1200 MK7 will price at $1200.
The SL-1500c will price at $1400.

there is an automatic lift up of the tonearm on that new 1500c 

The SP-10R is the one to get excited about

yes, some of us already have them, those top of the line technics model discussed here
since 2017 

But it's so amazing that Technics continued with turntables priced under $1400 in 2019

The pioneer table might be in trouble.