It's a year later...

Who still thinks that the Marigo 5.7 is the best choice for the 24MXL? What else has it been compared to?
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I don't know what a Marigo 5.7 is, and I don't know what a 24MXL is. Can you point out an on-line dictionary I should refer to? ;-)

I'm surprised I know the translation--the 24MXL is the current Audio Logic DAC; the Marigo 5.7 (which now has been surpassed, likely, by its 5.8 version) is a digital cable.

I personally will be trying out the Kubala-Sosna in a week or two, but have been using the Kimber Selekt 2020 with my AL DAC and am happy with it.
How much is the K-S?
yes, and yes... :-) still using the 5.7 with my 24MXL- no desire to change...
Tab110s: No idea of the price yet. Joe's bringing it over next week, likely. My guess is that it's half the price of the interconnects (1 vs. 2), which would make it $800 for one meter of Expression (Joe says that's their best RCA terminated one) or $1350 for one meter of the Emotion (which I think may only be an AES/EBU cable). I might have an interest in hearing the Marigo as well, from the reports. But as of now, the Kimber is really very good.
How did you like the K-S digtal cable?
I'm using the Creative Cable Concepts Green Hornet on my 24MXL (modded by Tube Research Labs). Haven't heard others mentioned here, but the Green Hornet is a heck of a cable at $300.
Metralla has a good point. Some of these posts have to be decoded. Like a new topic in cdp, the guy calls it a MZH. "hows the new MZH player?"
What does MZH stand for?
Its all like some secret codes :-)
What, you didn't get the secret decoder ring?