It's a "space thing"...need help

I live in a smallish 1 bedroom in Manhattan for atleast another 16 months and am questioning an upgrade to different speakers. I don't forsee having the luxury of placing speakers 2-3 feet from a back wall, side space is not so much an issue. I currently have B&W 601s3 and run them with the Outlaw 1050 amp and AP Oval 9 cable.

I started looking at different speakers that take up less space (sub/sat) but now I'm just obsessed with finding that classic speaker that I will enjoy for years. I also want it to be a good foundation for HT but music is my passion. I am looking at Quad 11L, Axiom, Spendor s3/5, M&K K-7, Rocket, Energy Encore and KEF-2005.

Thoughts? Thanks.
Hey Craig, how are you doing? Still have the AP9s I see!

The 1050 is a 6 channel receiver right? What is the sound character of the Outlaw? I own an ATI 1505 which I'm using in my HT setup. I know that Outlaw makes a sister amp to the 1505, so I was wondering if your 1050 had characteristics are similar to ATIs. I like the ATI for my HT system, but not for music.

Of the speakers you list the ones I'd get are the Spendors, but most people that own them seem to use a tube amp with them. Also, it would probably be necessary to run them "small" with an AV receiver and a sub to protect them from all the movie explosions. But, I'm willing to bet this wouldn't be the best way to run them for music. I own ProAc 1Scs and Tab 50 Sigs and both suffer greatly when run through a crossover. For music I run them full rnage and cross the sub over very low. The Spendors would most likely perform their best in this configuration.
Share your love of classic English monitors and have owned several pairs. For this application though, I run the Gallo Micros with powered amp and am amazed at how well it does 2 channel with female vocal being my criteria for selection. Very smooth, imaging is decent with very good impact. Surprisingly sweet.
Go with the Spendors...they a sealed enslosure design...and will work closer to walls...I have the Quad 12Ls...but they are rear ported...I have them 4ft from my rear wall...the Spendors sound huge for their size,have great 3-d imaging,and within their a very good job with most music(however,electronic,rock,etc will require a sub)...for vocals...this speaker is about as good as it gets...the downside:they are a bit rolled off in the highs...for monitors, hard to beat the Brits! happy holidays..