It's a Long-shot: Meridian G02 conversion to balanced tape out

Seems like an obscure topic but I cannot get a response from Meridian. They don’t appear to respond to their "contact us" submissions.

I have recently acquired a Meridian G02 balanced preamp. It has two single-ended tape outputs that the documentation says can be converted to balanced. Presumably there is a cable that connects the 2 single ended outputs to an XLR, and then a setting that inverts one of the single ended signals.

Anyone know more than this? How to access settings or where to find such a cable?

Thanks all...

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I just looked at the manual. It seems like you may have to roll your own since this is a very uncommon situation. 

I’d suggest you take an XLR to XLR cable and remove the female end. Use these RCA adapters to make it easy on yourself. You only need to connect ground to one of the two plugs.

If you do it correctly all you'll need is a wire stripper and screwdriver.

Use black electrician's tape for the end of the XLR cable to add some strain relief if you don't have heat shrink tubes available.

@jji666 If you use the tape outputs in this manner, you will want to know that they won’t drive the inputs of a studio tape machine such as a Studer or Otari. Inputs like most studio machines use are ’+4dBm’ which is 1.23V into 600 Ohms- the main outputs of most ’high end audio’ balanced preamps have trouble driving them.

There are a couple of high end audio preamps that can drive +4dBm. But to my knowledge none of them can do it from their tape outputs.

Thanks again.  I'm not driving a studio tape machine anyway.  I would just be using the 2 tape outputs, combined into a balanced connection, to feed a balanced XLR distribution amp.  I just want to squeeze that extra 1% audio quality by avoiding a single ended to balanced conversion in an outboard box.  

OP:  The biggest advantage is reduced noise, which is fine, especially if it's a long run.

Yep, I run most of my connections balanced (or at least XLR...not sure if every device follows pure balanced standards).  

It's odd that Meridian references a cable...but hasn't responded as to how to get it or that it's not available anymore.  

But yeah, I may roll my own.  The only question is the configuration since I assume it requires one of the tape outputs to have an inverted signal.