It's a Bad Movie, But It Was Fun to Watch Anyway

There are three types of interesting movies. First, there are great movies that are great fun to watch. Second, there are great movies that are not particularly enjoyable to sit through. Finally there are those movies that are bad movies, but for some reason are still quite fun to watch. Using some Q. Tarantino related films as examples, "Pulp Fiction" is the first type, "Resevoir Dogs" is in the second group and "From Dusk to Dawn" is in the third. What puts a film in the bad but fun category can be anything - a great performance, a single great scene, breath taking cinematograpghy etc. For instance, in "FD2D" I love the opening sequence. That plus a wild soundtrack makes for enjoyable viewing experience.

I'm interested in hearing about what others think are examples of bad but fun films. Please explain specifically what you thought made an otherwise bad movie still fun to watch.

I'd like to nominate "Congo". It's beyond dopey, but watching first class actors (Tim Curry, Delroy Lindo, Joe Pants and Ernie Hudson) ham it up to the max is a joy. I particularly like the goofey accents.
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Moulin Rouge, for all the right reasons.

LUGGAGE OF THE GODS - This is the story of how a lost tribe of cave people discover civilization when suitcases fall from a passing jet.

THE BIG BUS - Spoof of disaster films, in which a gigantic nuclear powered bus--containing a swimming pool, a bowling alley, and a piano bar; goes out of control and nearly crashes while making a coast-to-coast journey.

DARK STAR - A team of astronauts manning the beat-up spaceship Dark Star are on a mission across the universe to seek out and destroy unstable planets. The journey is wrought with mishaps, and danger seems to come from the most unexpected places. There are misbehaving pet aliens, suicidal bombs that see no reason to live and want to blow themselves up, frozen crewmates dispensing advice from beyond the grave; and a surly, unhelpful main computer that holds the men it serves in total contempt. Despite all these problems, the crew is still bored to the brink of madness.

THE IRON LADIES - The film is about a Thai volleyball team made up of gays, transvestites, a transsexual and one allegedly straight member. Locked out of volleyball courts, scorned by the league, the victims of cheating and pigheaded officials, they fight their way to the national finals. Think of "The Mighty Ducks," with a slight adjustment in spelling.

The author had probably forgot to mention FOUR ROOMS of Q Tarantino(probably he has to watch if he didn't) It's completely BAD movie but is too much fun to watch. The stars are: Tim Roth, Madonna, Antonio Benderas, Bruce Willis and Quentin Tarantino(he likes to be filmed in his own work probably).

But the most fun I've ever got is from BIG LEBOWSKI by Cohen bros that sometimes can fire a hysterical laugh
61, there are books devoted to the catagory of bad/fun to watch films - try Michael Weldon's Psychotronic Encyclopedia - and we're talking way beyond "Congo" or "From Dusk to Dawn"! Maybe you're just referring to big-budget Hollywood flicks, but to me the bad ones are just plain bad (and that's almost everything these days). I'm thinking of the kind of cult B movies that inspired quys like Tarantino - and Burton, Waters, et al - in the first place. Much worse, technically, but much less reprehensible, and much more fun to watch than calculated Tinseltown dreck.
Anything by Ed Wood.

LUDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH! So bad that's it's actually quite good, and very cool musically. It's about a German kid who was a bit gender-confused and decided to change his sexual orientation on a permanent basis, but the operation failed!! To give you an idea, the chorus of the lead song is something like, "Six inches out and 5 inches back and they left with an angry inch!" What a strange film!!
'61; two popped into mind before I even finished your thread: 1. "Tremors" with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, set in the Nevada desert, it's got fast digging under ground monsters they named Graboids (I've worked in the Nevada desert), the interplay among the characters is excellent and the "light science fiction-horror" theme is great. There are a lot of intangibles that come together that make this movie for me but especially the interplay between Bacon and Ward. I think this movie has achieved cult status.

2. "Streets of Fire", sub-titled "A Rock & Roll Fable", stars Michael Pare', William Dafoe, Amy Madigan, and Rick Moranis. The soundtrack by Ry Cooder is excellent. Set in a large city in the 1950's (maybe Chicago?), it has cowboy names, ie Tom Cody and Ellen Aim, cowboy rifles (M94 Winchesters), a motorcycle gang complete with Harley's, and a chopped 1950 candy apple red Mercury convertible. I believe this was a british "take" on the way American society works-- at least in a movie, and in the 50's-- it's great.

I think the Lethal Weapon movie series also fits into this category. Cheers. Craig
I second *Hedwig and the angry inch*. I could actually watch that one again, to bizarre for words. Also try Cecile B. Demented, you'll love it guaranteed.
Yeah Garfish, "Tremors", a nice B-type movie. Reminds me of "Them" (now, there's another one).

I second the Ed Wood movies ... absolutely hilarious, especially "Glen or Glenda".
I cannot leave without mention of all the Steven Segal movies. If you are an action fan, a decent way to kill 90 minutes. If you are a classics major in college, reach for whatever liquor you prefer.
-San Fernando Jones and The Temple of Poon, a timeless classic :)
-Starship Troopers
-All Troma films
Thanks for the correction, Glen.
It's "Hedwig and the Amgry Inch" not Ludwig.
Here are two classics:

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA starring Kurt Russell, who plays the role of tough-guy Jack Burton in a cheesy fantasy action sci-fi film from the mid-80's. The opening scene is worth the price of admission!! Kurt Russell is alone, driving a semi-truck on a dark and stormy night and talking some trash in monologue style on a CB radio. You'll bust a gut laughing! Here's a link if you want to check it out:

(Apparently they've now released a DVD version with some deleted scenes, etc.)

PRINCESS BRIDE - My favorite movie in this category (which I wouldn't quite classify as "bad" but it's definitely on the cheesy side). The story is a combination of action, adventure, drama, comedy and "true love" all wrapped into a fable that is being told by a grandfather (Peter Faulk) to his grandson. Billy Crystal's cameo appearance as a witch doctor is hillarious!
"Tremors" is a GREAT movie that's a true joy to watch. Reba & whathisname (Micheal...y'know, the guy from that sitcom) are a hoot as the survivalist.
"Future events such as these will affect your life in the future."

Plan 9 From Outer Space (dir. Ed Wood)

I used to rent these things and make my friends watch while we added commentary (like MST3k, but years before!)

gotta love it, babies!

Tim, i knew a "young punk" like you would have good taste. Ya just gotta love ALL of those Troma Team Productions. I may be moving to Tromaville sometime soon : )

I also agree about Starship Troopers. Yeah, it's bad but i've watched it a few times too many anyhow : )

Sugar, you're selections sound WAY out there. I'll have to check them out : )

KP, MST3K was pretty funny at times. Amazing as to what constitutes entertainment nowadays. Then again, look at how "entertaining" this thread is : )

Here's a few that came to mind. I'm basically a sci-fi buff at heart, so keep that in mind. For the record though, i don't wear thick horn rimmed glasses or wear a pocket protector though : )

Army of Darkness surely qualifies as a BAD "horror filled action / adventure romantic sci-fi" if i ever saw one. Just as fun and stupid when you're watching it for the 10th time too : )

Dead Alive. This one has TONS of gore. It started off showing at about a dozen theaters in the Chicagoland area when it first came out. By the end of the day, there was only ONE theater still showing it and it was relegated to midnight showings only. I think that there are two different versions of this one, so try and get the unedited version. Nothing like giving haircuts with a lawn mower : )

While this one isn't really a "movie" per se, it is on film. Of course, i'm talking about all of the old Dr Who shows, especially the ones with Tom Baker. So bad that they were addicting : )

For current offerings, I'd like to nominate "Pootie-Tang" ( spelling ??? ). It's one of those movies that is SOOOOO bad that you keep watching to see just how bad it's going to get. Believe me, it doesn't let you down as it just gets worse and worse : ) Sean
ANGEL FIST--Naked female martial arts and Thai boxing movie starring Vidal Sassoon's daughter. Joe Bob Briggs said: "She sticks her fist in your face and has a face like a fist."

Oh, I'm going to hell for that one.
There seems to be a lot of agreement on what movies are "bad", so how bad are they really? Some are cult classics.

I will contribute "A Boy and His Dog" (1975) starring a young Don Johnson. --- Young punk Johnson (Vic), aided by his telepathic (and much smarter) dog, forages for food and women, is eventually lured into bizarre underground civilization.

I have two in mind: Time Bandits and Tron wich are both in my DVD collection.
1. Pecker
2. Road House
3. Eddie and the Cruisers II
4. Twister
5. Weird Science - Gotta love Kelly LeBrock
bad/good - most of these are dumb but funny
3 Ninjas (1st - the 2nd and 3rd are just bad what makes this funny is the 3 burnout bad guys, the rest is just stupid)
3 Amegos
The Man Who Knew Too Little
Big Trouble in Little China (this is a gem with Kurt Russel...I don't know if they were trying to be tongue in cheek if they were it is a great spoof if not it is one of the worst movies ever made but so funny)
The Court Jester
Ace Ventura (both)
Dragon Heart
Mummy (both)
The Kid From Brooklyn
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Dumb and Dumber
The Mask (do you see a Jim Carey theme here)
Batman Forever (well the first 3 the latest one with Mr Freeze was just plain bad)
Star Wars Episode 1 (well, maybe it was just bad)
Most of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movies
Abott and Costello
I Was A Male War Bride
etc, etc

Plain Bad/Stupid movies made fun
Mystry Science Theater - these guys take the worst movies and make them hysterical. most of these movies you can't believe anyone made for real

on further reflection, maybe Star Wars Episode 1 was a good moive that was bad?

all the Bruce Lee if you are a martial arts fan

'61; you're right re "Tremors". Michael Gross, who played the part of Bert Gummer (the survivalist) and Reba McIntyre (his wife) definitely deserve mention in this one. I had to look it up to get the name right. Thanks for a fun thread. Cheers. Craig
Memento was the worst movie I've ever seen. Pulp fiction was the second worst. Then I saw Reservoir Dogs. It's now the worst movie I've ever seen.
From Dusk to Dawn is one of my favorite movies. I'd rather see Selma Hayek dance with a snake than see Uma Thurman throw up anyday. What a waste of Uma Thurman's talents..
Call me weird, I like movies with good looking females doing things I'd like to be included in!
Memento, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs are the worst movies you have ever seen? Not Bad/Good but just bad? Although I don't like any of those movies there are tons that are much much worse. How about:
Seals or was that Navy Seals
Every movie selected for Mystery Science Theater in its original state.
Very Brady Movie
Harriot the Spy
Star Treck III, The Search for Spock
Star Treck IV, The Voyage Home
Hardball (Keanu Reeves shows just how bad acting can get...just saw it last night, unbelievable)
etc, etc, etc
the best John Claude Damme movie is "Universal soldier",a killer fight scene at end with Dolph Lundgren.
... and I'd second (fourth?) any Ed Wood movie.

Sounds like I have to catch some of Sugarbrie's suggestions - especially Dark Star, though

Bride of Chucky is such a guilty pleasure!
mars attacks...or wait...I think I walked out of the theater on that one.
Check out CLERKS (especially) but also CHASING AMY and anything else by Kevin Smith. Most people have had a full dose after those two... MALLRATS was a little over the top and JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK was total nonsense!
Gotta agree with Ed Wood -- Plan 9... What could be cheesier than cardboard gravestones falling over as actors pass by?

Any of the Van Damme movies.

No wait, the worst was Stealth Fighter. Seeing Ice T flying a plane with his head moving in and out of the cockpit (no it wasn't supposed to) is classic. My son and I were laughing through the whole movie (no, it is not a comedy).
The original Cyborg with Jean Claude Van Damme. Watch it with a group so you have someone to chat with during the dull parts. This was supposed to be a serious post-apocalyptic sci-fi show. I saw it in the theater on the opening weekend. By the end of the movie the entire audience was laughing. Yes, it was that bad. This would make a good one for the MST3K guys.

If you are well acquainted with astronomy and physics the first 15 minutes or so of an old Japanese sci-fi entitled "The Green Slime" is a hoot. The scientific inaccuracies will have you rolling on the floor.
Oh man, Mars Attacks was good!
Now Planet of the Apes... I will never go to a mobvie theatre again. Once in 5 years, and it's that piece of fried s***.
Lost all respect for Tim Burton.

Eraser Head: Has to be one of the most bizarre films ever! But I'd watch it again.

Ishtar: What happens when you combine the talents of Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty in a film with a no-talent script?

Pulp Fiction: Sorry A'goners, but I loved this movie, and the more I watched it (4 times) the better I liked it.

The Cable Guy: Totally dumb, irritating, and boring.

More later...
Nothing to apoligize for on Pulp Fiction.
Too bad in encouraged Travolta to make other films (thinking of those 'action' flick he made! yuckety yuck!)

My son and I went to the movies EVERY weekend, without fail, from the time he was 5 years old through high school. He's now an unemployed cinematographer, go figure. We loved the B movies, loved Mystery Science Theater, and must have seen every bad one out there. I would say of the ones we saw, Big Trouble in Little China (hey audiophiles, Kim Catrall was in it!) and Tremors (which really were camp type films and tongue in cheek) and Universal Soldier were among the ones we enjoyed the most of this genre, but I'll also add (1) Executive Decision, where in a realistic scenario Kurt Russell and a group of others board a plane in midflight to thwart hijackers--the best part of that was that Steven Segal was in it, and he got killed halfway through the flick-- and (2) Deep Blue Sea, where Samuel L. Jackson, the only recognizable star in the film, got eaten by a super-intelligent shark halfway through the film after delivering an inspirational speech. I'm sure there were many more I've missed (From Dusk Till Dawn is one of our faves too), but you're bringing them back for me. Great thread!
I 4th the Ed Wood movies. Plan 9 From Outer Space from the 50's has got to be the absolute worst film ever made. Anyone not familiar with it rent it and tell me it isn't the worst. You and your kids will LOL at the silly props and dialogue. For that reason, it is fun to watch, a real cult classic.
Bloodsucking Freaks
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Satans Cheerleaders
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Evil Dead 2
I think "Return of the Living Dead" is a very entertaining but gory horror movie with a lot of tongue in cheek laughs in it. "The Giant Claw" is a classic '60s monster flick with a flying rubber chicken as the monster. Hilarious. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is one you could watch 20 times and still crack up,if you like silly. "Forbidden Planet" is a classic that is really a "B" movie, but fun to watch. And it has the lost civilization of the "Krell" in it, which is where I think the audio company got its name, but I could be wrong.
Twl, you are correct, that's where Dan D'Agostino came up with the name--supposedly beings of unlimited power, like his amps. I remember the Giant Claw from my youth, it was indeed hilarious, and Monty Python is an absolute classic, but I don't think it belongs with the titles you're seeing on this thread. Another great bad movie is Army of Darkness, a sequel to the Evil Dead movies with Bruce Campbell (of Xena fame these days), which has some great camp takeoff lines in it.
"Reefer Madness" doesn't classify as a movie but it sure is fun to watch. A bad propaganda film from the late 30's that probably had great impact on the mainstream youth of the time. A comic satire, by today's standards, tragedy illustrating the rapid downward spiral of a young man who gets hooked on marijuana and ends up going off the deep end to the extent of murdering a young woman. When the police come to pick him up he is wild eyed crazy, a stereotypical view of a delusional madman, all this from getting "hopped up" on weed.

Tubegroover, from the laws they've passed it seems as if it impacted many legislators!