It's 2050. I'm 84 years old...

My great grand-daughter asks me - "Great Grand-dad, what's a "Rock Star"? ". I say "Go to your computer, honey, and punch up _________________".
Keith Richards, then give her a few bucks so she can catch him live Viper Room.
Kiss ?

David Lee Roth?

My God I'll be 100 and won't give a rat's patootie.
Axl Rose. All the up's, down's and controversy of a rock star and the "rock star syndrome" that goes with the job. : ) Sean
Johnny Cash. "The Man Comes Around", is excellent.
Mark Knopfler, too.
She'll end up wanting to get to the root of things and end up wanting to visit Graceland! Go ahead and tell her now about the Jungle Room!
Spinal Tap
Ricky Nelson. He was all that,and-sadly, talented too.
The one. The only. Jim Morrison.
Sadly,She would type in "Corporate Hand puppet".
I think Elvis will still be around?
I'll be 102, and Elvis has not left the building....
The Ozzman will still be on stage at 102 years old (wheel chair of course) and she wont be asking you that question.:~)
"deep purple" is somewhat of a paradigm for me.
The three J's: Jimi, Janis and Jim.