It only took 25 years

but I finally found it. A stone cold mint copy of Respighi's Brazilian Impressions (SR90153). I've owned the Philips Golden Import for 25 yrs. but had never seen an original. What's the longest you've ever searched for a record?
I searched a number of years for a Barbara Cook record a friend in London wanted. Ends up it was a friend of his looking for it; so when I found it years later and shipped it to him in London, it took him a dozen phone calls to various friends, because he could not remember who asked him for it. All ended well, when I was in London a year later I got treated to a nice dinner and a tour or Lloyds of London trading floor as my reward.
it took me 3 years to complete my mint/mint collection of paul simon on japanese vinyl, when i found someone in fla. who was willing to take one of my sealed mofi's "thick as a brick" in exchange for "graceland." -kelly
Scott Walker "Scott"; finally found it in a used book store after nearly 10 years of searching. Anybody know if this album is available on CD?
Kelly, "Thick as a Brick" and "Graceland" are two of my favourite records, must have been tough parting with one, to acquire the other? I'm fortunate to have several copies of both, not audiophile grade stuff, but love'em all the same. Jeff
Hey Djjd...Scott Walker has gotten popular in trendy indie-rock circles, so most of his stuff is available on CD these days. They might be UK imports, but they're available. He has also released a new album or two over over the last few years.
Thanks for the answer Phild. I'll try to track down the SW CDs. Don
Around 1970, there was a film released, "Oh Lucky Man". Alan Price of the Animals did the music. There were a couple of great songs on the album. I came across a cd from Germany last month. I couldn't believe it.
2 seconds! I went to a friends house who is loaded and he just happened to know someone who gave him a huge collection of all original mercury and rca living stereo, and london stereophonic and lyrita and on and on. you know, the stuff you worry about where you are ever going to get in near mint condition without being a rich dude. i am currently evaluating the entire collection and i can tell you virtually all are in near mint and maby played once or twice by the looks of them. it seems the original owner had passed away and... well anyway i am paying 5 dollars apiece for them because my friend would like to have his living room back! included is an absolutly near mint copy, I mean absolutly flawless vinyl surfaces and labels, of the respighi the birds title you dreamed of owning for so long . the cover is "vg+/e- condition. i would not dream of sellin' this record for a shilling less than $300.00 because lets face it, it's only money but where else are you going to find one without waiting 25 years for one to drop out of the sky!!
I've been looking for "THE BEST OF YOKO ONO" forever.
Wow Congratulations Longplate!

I haven't searched long myself but wanted to congratulate you.