It never ends....

Well, I went down to the local dealer for their Memorial Day sale. Did not really intend to buy anything; maybe just avail myself of their wonderful offer to accept at 100% trade-in for speakers bought there, so I brought the sales slip for the Aerius' I bought there in Dec 00 "just in case" something there caught my fancy. Wouldn't ya know it, the Ascents were just waiting my arrival. Could be the end of the story, but ohhhhhhhhhh no.

So, I'm standing there with the sales slip for the Aerius' that are sitting in my house getting ready to "do the deal" and the salesman says "Geez Mitch, bet those Areius would sound great in your home theater" (which is all Klipsch right now). The wheels start to turn in my head..."I got this huge refund from Uncle Sam and all I did with it was pay off bills (mostly stereo stuff), I'm starting a new job in 2 months that will just about double my salary, there is no "Mrs Mitch" at home to bitch (man, do I love that rhyme, although the previous two Mrs Mitchell's weren't to crazy about it) at me if I do this...heck...I ought to be a bit self-indulgent and just skip the trade in and buy the Ascents out-right..."

Did just that. So now for my home theater I also need the "Bat Wing" M/L center channel and some M/L surrounds...of course, with this quality speaker, I'll need to scrap the Technics Dolby 5.1 reciever for a whole bunch of Levinson, BAT, C/J, Proceed or Anthem stuff...

You know, it never matter what you have, you always want better. Complacency breeds mediocrity...

I can still remember (faintly at best) my first Radio Shack any of you remember your first stereo?

Anxiously awaiting the delivery of my Ascents (with the custom made side panels of course...)...

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I had at one time a part time business restoring the R60-R69 series bikes with the Earles forks. I owned many of these personally, and my favorite was a 1957 R69. I've owned R75/6, R100RS and others during my time riding.

Today the back is not what it used to be, and lots of riding is not an option, however I have some good friends who pity this old ba*tard and let him ride their machines now and then. A 25 mile toot is about all my back will take these days.

Enjoy your beemer!

My first "stereo" was a Midas under-dash FM/8-track that I bolted under a bookshelf in my bedroom. Also on the bookshelf were a pair of non-descript 6x9 speakers in home-made particle board boxes. The system was powered by an old 12-volt battery/trickle charger directly below my room in the basement.

I upgraded the system a few months later with a quad unit and a couple more speakers. Laying with my head at the foot of the bed put my ears roughly in the center of the four speakers. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group, not Mary Shelley's) never sounded so good...

Hey Vermonter,

I can totally understand your purchases!

Especially since my tax refunds also went to paying off my debt from residency and stereo stuff...

I'm single, and fortunately for me, my girlfriend understands (or at least tolerates, as long as she gets vacations/jewelry etc....) my stereo purchases! I wonder sometimes, since the new jewelry cost me almost as much as the subwoofer....are we really avoiding the WAF??

Oh well, I love the system, and she fortunately has my brother to compare to (who's got fortunes in equipment sitting in the boxes waiting for over a year for his house to be done!) so she's fairly forgiving!

BTW: My first stereo was a Pioneer Amp (65 wpc) with a Technics linear tracking turntable, Rotel tuner (surprisingly still in my system!) and Akai deck, I think the speakers were homemade, it was loud, that's all I remember of it! I guess it's like anything else, the more you experience, the better your taste becomes!

Happy listening!
GROUNDHOG DAY. 35 or so years ago my first system consisted of some speakers and a Marantz 7 and an 8B. I thought it was the cats butt. Been thru DOZENS of amps since then. Last week I bought an 8B after hearing one at a friends house. The price has gone up a bit however. My first one was less than $300.00 and I can't even afford a 7 anymore. NEVER ENDS.