It must be love, she got me a ??? for Christmas

My fionce bought me a VPI 16.5 record cleaner complete with Disc Doctor Brushes and fluid. Wow !

What did Santa bring you?
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One of my gf's got me a lump of coal to power the whole deal, I don't think she understands :)
Santa (me) got me Vienna Acoustics Strauss speakers. My wife got me socks, Softsoap and an optical mouse. She bought me cool stuff when we were courting/living together. Enjoy the special treatment while you can, drag the engagement out as long as possible, maybe 2007?? It may be love, or maybe she's just trying to seal the deal. BTW the 16.5 is great, Disc Doctor brushes are too, I love mine.
A Chord Dac 64.
$500 gift certificate at my favorite used LP haunt, among other non-audio things. Didn't even know they sold 'em!

Oh, the Jmcgrogan2 advise is sage.....drag it out...
Pass to CES in Vegas this January along with air and hotel. What a wife!
No,man,it ain't love.She is up to something.
Inna, let's wife is nine months pregnant and busy watching a 5, 3 and 2 year old. Yes, you must be right, she's planning on going out and getting wild with her boyfriend and that's why she bought me tix to CES. Man, what would I do with out your insight?
It is more important what you will do with it.
I got another ring this year from my wife......more suffer-RING.
My GF bought me STEALTH Ultimate Ribbons speaker cables(12 ft.), a bicycle pump and biking shoes. :-)