It is said that for floorstanding type of...

It is said that for floorstanding type of speakers not to have these and those deficiencies their prices must be more than $8K generally. Is it right? If it is right, what models are such speakers of the floorstanding type of speakers whose prices are more than &8K?

On this message "&8K" is wrong and "$8K" is right.
Who is saying that? I'm assuming what you are trying to convey is that floorstanding speakers won't sound good until you spend over 8000 dollars?

You can't put a price on which speakers stop having deficiences, as all speakers have deficiences. You can get very good sound for 3-4K for floor standing speakers. Even less than that usually..
I love my Beethoven Grand's and they are much less than 8k.
Nothing to do with floorstanding but good, tight bass takes bucks. Bigger is better but bass is hard to do right.
S7horton,Jdodmead,Ngjockey, thanks for input.

I agree with you. What I am trying to convey is that floorstanding speakers won't sound good until I spend over 8000 dollars. I am not a native English speaker. So I am not good at writing in English.
Bluesky, I disagree 100%. 8000 dollars has nothing to do with the speaker not sounding good. It takes associated equipment, and the room for speakers to sound good, but it won't take 8000 dollars. "Sounding good" is a relative term. You could say that there are no speakers under 50,000 dollars that sound good.
why $8K?

why not $10K?
It also depend on your source & your amp matching.

And one thing that is very important is your room treatment.

I do agreed that if u are comparing with a good setup & system matching, a more expensive system will surely beat a lower price one.
Thank you all for your replies.
I dount the Legay focus 2020 would be called a less then quality full range speaker and it is alot less, just one example where I feel that thought doesnt hold water.