It happened again tonight

Playing Pink Floyd The Wall Side 4, nice and loud. Kind of loud live would be if they would keep it just short of harmful. Kind of loud you feel it. Run Like Hell comes and the lead guitar riffs are just exhilarating and have me going and then the beat picks up and I catch myself hyperventilating again. Its just so crazy clear and present and you are there, all I can say is Thank you, Krissy. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much.

"I simply was attacked for not being knowledgeable enough about Floyd. lol"
You don’t need no education, you do need some thought control. At least around here.

What do people usually do when they have a bunch of stuff they have no use for and Goodwill does not accept donations?
" could get so caught up in it you catch yourself breathing along with guy in the song."
"Its like some kind of sick twisted compulsion."

@Roxy54  I thought godsmacked might get some kind of reaction. Strange the purple mirco dot didn't??
Turn up the quiet.......there that's better
@Glupson Huh? Sick twisted compulsion?
Haven’t you ever gotten really into a piece of music or a book where the heart beat goes up, the breathing quickens, the picture in mind’s eye focuses clearly?
Where have you been?
I’ve been where MC has been through many types of music, books and just beautiful nature. I can see it and I am not sick or twisted.
Get a life buddy...

In fact, I really never have heart or breathing pattern changes while reading books or listening to music. Many people are just like that. Not being better or worse than you because of that.

"Sick twisted compulsion" was actually nothing else but a copy/paste of the end of millercarbon's awful insult aimed at another member/s here. I am surprised you did not catch that. In case you miss it this time again, "awful" was taken from the same paragraph and that paragraph was nothing but insult.

Thanks for recommendation, I will see if I can get it. Hope yours is going well.