It happened again tonight

Playing Pink Floyd The Wall Side 4, nice and loud. Kind of loud live would be if they would keep it just short of harmful. Kind of loud you feel it. Run Like Hell comes and the lead guitar riffs are just exhilarating and have me going and then the beat picks up and I catch myself hyperventilating again. Its just so crazy clear and present and you are there, all I can say is Thank you, Krissy. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much.

Geezuz. When I read what millercarbon shared - I could esily understood what he was saying, to imagine the moment. It helps when you are familiar with the music. I am. I know I don’t have the system he has, but mine isn’t too bad. I can imagine it and will try to replicate it. No need to knock an aesthetic moment. Who does that?

These guys. Just look how awful they are. One even admits he has no freaking clue who or what, yet proceeds to slam insults left and right. Its like some kind of sick twisted compulsion.

What’s craziest of all is this is a site supposedly here for the express purpose of people with a keen interest in high quality audio to share their experience and knowledge. And yet there’s a certain group who every single time anyone does this they jump in with nothing but insults and criticism.

Pink Floyd The Wall is one of those records I had and enjoyed in college, always highly regarded, but over the years not played much. Recently having gone through many, many upgrades the last year or so I have been rediscovering certain records like this. The Wall was a real surprise! The lyrics carry far more meaning and weight now at 62 than they ever did at 22. The music is of course awesome. But what really gets me now is the insane depth of quality in the recording. Its not even any sort of special pressing. No White Hot Stamper. Just a record I bought back in the day. But the soundscape is so wide and deep and varied it just sets you back.

Run Like Hell is a scorcher, a rare suitable for radio play rocker on a double album with few traditional format songs. Mother is another one. Traditional format I mean, not rock scorcher. But Mother has a very untraditional time signature- and lyrics! Momma’s gonna keep you right here under her wing, she won’t let you fly but she might let you sing. What?!?! Of course Momma’s gonna help build the wall. Which we all know is the wall that separates us from others. The wall we crash through only at the moment of death.

Talk about deep.

Shame we had to wade through such shallow minds to get there. Worth the trip though, eh?

@barts-    ".....with that performance "pulling out all the stops" as it were."          AHHH; the way Bach meant it, to be played/heard (FORTISSIMO).       It’s great, when performers and listeners, "get it" (the power of a piece), whether Bach or Pink Floyd.                            Hopefully: the marriage is as powerful.
In these trying times I'm glad Millercarbon audio system got him to hyperventilate to the music he was listening to. Last night I was listening to Diana Krall's new album Turn Up the Quite and although it didn't make me hyperventillate I was 
Godsmacked on how good it sounded. I had my own personnel concert, and didn't think about the Corona virus once! Went to the Dark side of the moon kick off tour back 72 I  and it was mind blowing even without taking purple micro dot 
I’ve learned to not accept freebies here from strangers for the most part because it usually turns into a rat trap if you are not smitten and talk about it.
It’s also usually the most nebulous tweak products looking to gain a following and you end up getting what you paid for.
Can anyone tell me, what is the best red book reissue of DSOTM at this time in history?