Issues With Led Zeppelin I 24/96 FLAC

Is anyone else experiencing a 2-3 second pause during the transition between "Your Time is Gonna Come," "Black Mountain Side," and Communication Breakdown"? On my records and CDs of this album, the transition is seamless, but the 24/96 download has a silent gap between the songs. Is this possibly the way it was remastered? I contacted HD Tracks about it, and they were very kind--suggested I check the crossfade setting on my media player (it is set to OFF), and allowed me to re-dowload the album. But the problem persists. It's only between tracks tracks 5, 6, & 7. The transition between tracks 8 & 9 is exactly as it should be--no gap, and everything sounds great. I know the album so well, I wait for those little details, and it's a bummer because that sequence is one of my favorite parts.

It's your player software that is causing those gaps. Contact the manufacturer. I had this happen with Fidelia and they had to send me the patch before they released the new version.