Issues with EAC

Anyone notice issues were EAC has missed ripping some tracks on a CD?
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I've been using EAC for over three years and I have not noticed any problems. 300+ cds converted to FLAC. You may want to remove and re-download. Check settings, etc.
Try dbpoweramp with Accurate Rip enabled. It's better IMO.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Cerrot, are you actually missing the tracks or are they just not showing up in your program? I notice that depending on how I search my digital music database, that sometimes songs don't show up. My example is that when I arrange by artist (album covers/names show) and are arranged in order by the artist's name (not album name). In some of these instances in which a song on an album was performed by another artist or even the main artist but featuring a second/other artist, the songs don't show up! My experience (I use Mac and iTunes) is that when I display my music by album sort vs. artist sort, this is not a factor.
They are not on the hard drive. Crazy. I am now using dBPower and it hasn't missed a track.
Cerrot, when checking your hard drive in your music folder (the folder that either lists the artists in sub-folders, typical with further sub-folders by album) you are seeing, for example that tracks 1-3 and 5-9 are there, but for some reason track 4 is not?

Sometimes, these tracks show up in other folders, for the reasons I stated above (different artist listing, or song with "featuring . . . "). Sometimes these tracks or songs can show up in other folders, such as various artists, unknown artists, compilations, etc. . .

In my case, these tracks can then be dragged and dropped back to where I want them. Or more often, when ripping the CD, I will review the list of songs and artists (by song). Songs that have for example, "Frank Sinatra, feat. you name the other singer", I will modify and rename the artist as just "Frank Sinatra" in this case. This assures me that the song is kept or put where it should be.

There, I believe, are setting that can be made that allows such songs to be kept under the primary artists name, but again, this sometimes depends on how the artists are listed.

Hope this helps, but then again, you issue may be completely different. Sounds like you got it covered anyway with dBPower, but perhaps helpful to others.
Thanks, Ckoffend. I did a manual search of the entire drive (every druve, including virtual drives, cache, etc) and the files aren't there. Yes, problem fixed with dBpower - just have to rerip a few thousand CD's. My server sounds so good, its actually worth it.
If a track can not be ripped accurately EAC may be skipping it. Check your settings. dBpower caches the data which means what you rip may not be bit perfect, but it is faster.