Issues from using wrong spkr. termination

Sorry if this has been archived. But I recently obtained a pair of cables with spade terminations. However both my speaker and amp do not allow for such. In the meantime, I have placed one side of the spade into the clamp hole and tightened down. Obviously this is not the optimum, but is it worth the expense and hassle of finding new cables?

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Will your speaker/amplifier accept a banana jack?
If so, I think Monster makes an adaptor for banana to spades. Your solution will not hurt but as you said, it is not optimum becasue you don't have much surface area to makes contact. Also, this arrangement will loosen up over time.
There are lots of possibilities here. Changing the connectors on the wire, using an adaptor, changing the terminals on your amps and speakers or leaving things as they are.

What is the equipment you're running and what is the cable? This will help determine what's practical.
acquire solderless WBT bannanas from and re-terminate your speaker wires.
Using an adapter is the fast solution. Monster has one, AudioQuest sells some that are made by another supplier and sold under other names as well, like Aperture. The extra connections may degrade your sound quality a litte.

Unless you have done termation before and are comfortable with it, have any retermination done by a professional at a good shop which terminates cables on a regular basis. It's usually best if they sell and terminate your specific brand, as different cables require different techniques. Look at an example of their work and make sure it's neat and tightly done.

Most manufacturers will reterminate their own cable to factory standards, and this may be your best bet. Call up the cable manufacture and inquire.

Jeff Delman
Value Audio
Cardas makes an excellent dual banana jack that accepts spades.
Jeff Delman is correct.
~~~~If your spades work loose, something will get ruined. We hate to hear a post that starts with "I feel sick..." Please be careful.

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