issue with preamp

I'm not a technical guy, I like to turn it on and enjoy the sound...

My issue....I have a Rouge tube preamp when I turn it on my left channel has distortion going through it, I run mono amps....volume is turned all the way down...all inputs have distortion. I swapped out the preamp with a solid state preamp with the same cables and works fine.

any ideas?...any help much appreciated ..thanks
Sounds like you have a tube going bad.  For starters, swap the left channel tubes with the right channel tubes and see if the distortion moves to the other channel. That will confirm that the issue is in the tubes.

next, you can simply replace the bad channel tubes, or replace all of them if there are not too many and the tubes are reasonably priced.
Thank you will try that......
By 'distortion' do you mean 'noise'?
Thanks for the help...I checked my tubes and one was not seated correctly. I had pulled them almost a year ago to have them tested. I put them back in and have not used the preamp since.  Well works like a champ. Glad to have my system up and enjoying it again. Life is good....Everyone on Audiogon is amazing.