Issue with Grace Tonearm

Hi. Glad to be a new member. I got a Grace tonearm, said model 560 but couldn't find out anything about it. My problem is the counterweight end is really heavy, and I don't know how to compensate for it. I put a 10g weight on the head shell and that balanced it, but I don't know what to do to set it up on my TT, an older Sota Moonbeam. It has the neatest anti-skating device I've seen! Thanks
I believe your Grace 560 is a 12" tonearm and the mounting distance is 270mm, make sure your turntable plinth is big enough to mount this arm. I suggest you post your question in Analog section, you will get more response.
That arm is too big for the Sota. It will not fit unless you ass some kind of extension to the plinth. Also it is a very heavy arm meant for cartridges with very low compliance that are also heavy like Stone Koetsu's. Most modern cartridges are lighter and more compliant. They will suffer is an arm like this especially if you have to add more weight to counter balance the arm. You really need something like a 9" Rega arm. 
Thanks for your response. Most 560's seem to have 12" tonearms, but mine is a 9". I took your advice, found an 18g head shell, and with my 5g Hana cartridge, it balances great. Can I ask where you found infor on the 560? I have found very little, and would like to know more about it.
Itn’t the G-520 = 8", G-540 = 9" and G-560 = 12" ?

For a normal arm, the second digit of the three-digit number of the model number is a guideline for the length. For example, in terms of length, G-520L <540L <560L.
ishkabibbel99 OP
I got a Grace tonearm, said model 560 but couldn’t find out anything about it.

Just get these three inexpensive thing to set up perfectly your vinyl TT

2: Get these for the tracking weight

3: This blank vinyl to set up anitskate so the arm stays put (doesn’t wander in or out)

1st: And this cartridge alignment protractor

Cheers George