Issue Multichannel SACD with 2 Channel Player

Collection is mostly RB but have about 15 hybrid multichannel SACDs. of those 2 do not play properly on either of 2 Sony DVPs9000ES 2 channel only machines. One is just back from Sony for an optical reader repair and fresh testd in spec and the other three years newer and right out of the box. Never had bad CD's before ... Is this common with these players? the software? ideas?

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You may be uncovering one of the "dirty little secrets" of SACD. Nobody really seems to talk about it. I've found that SACD players are VERY sensitive to quality of manufacture of the disc. I bought "Bring the Family" by John Hiatt and the disc had a couple of VERY minor surface marks, but it is enough to make the SACD playback simply STOP. I have some CDs that look 100 times worse that that, and they still play fine. SACDs are spinning something like 5 times as fast in the machine, and I think they are far less tolerant of errors. I have at least a dozen of these by now, out of approx. 150 SACDs. For me, the only downside of a great format.
FYI, I've heard more than one person say that MOFI hybrids wouldn't play in their machine. I personally don't have any of those.