hi i have a Isotek Solus conditioner like to know how long does it take to burn in. Thanks
Thanks for the feedback.

I am using the stock cords provided by Isotek. They have that funky connector so I can't use anything else. I did not connect the Nova to the Titan. I have 4 20A dedicated lines going into the stereo room. So the Nova was plugged into one line, and the Titan was on a separate line.

I was using an BMI powercable between the Titan & my Pass X350.5. I will plug the Titan back in and try a different powercord to see if what I heard was due to incompatibility between Titan and the BMI cord.

I finally got to plugging the X350.5 back into the Titan with a Furutech PS-950 powercords. The issues I indicated before are now non-detectable. So I guess the BMI powercord and Isotek don't "mix" well. This is just preliminary. I will do a more thorough ABA comparison when I have more time.

Glad to hear you've made progress with this and that you've found a way to remove the issues for the moment. How does this combination sound?