hi i have a Isotek Solus conditioner like to know how long does it take to burn in. Thanks
Still extremely happy with the Sigmas and TITAN EVO3 level combination; what a fantastic power conditioning setup....very natural, unlimited dynamics, etc.....
I installed both Nova and Titan into my system recently. Here are my impressions:

1/ I had read a bunch of online reports that indicated that Titan is not current limit. But it made my Pass X350.5's bass soft and lack of air as compared to plugging in directly into the dedicated 20A circuit; I think it may fare better with smaller size amp or tube amp????

2/ The benefit is fairly apparent with front end plugged into the Nova, much quieter background. But I find that keeping the digital out of the Nova was much better. Maybe it's an interference thing. I ended up plugging my digital into the PS PP300 (that Nova was supposed to replace). Turntable, phonostage, and linestage all go into the Nova.

Do you have the Nova tethered (powered) from the TITAN's Auxiliary output using a Powercon-connector terminated power cord?

What power cord do you have going from the wall to each of the conditioners (if you don't have the Nova tethered to the TITAN)?

I have a EVO3 TITAN and SIGMAS tethered together (see my system post) and my Maker Audio NL14 stereo amp going into the TITAN and the 1000w amplification sections of my Legacy AERIS speakers going into the amp-outs on the SIGMAS and all my front-end gear going into the SIGMAS as well. I experience no decrease in dynamics, power, attack, etc...quite the opposite actually. This combo (at least for me) is the best I've ever had for power conditioning,...
Thanks for the feedback.

I am using the stock cords provided by Isotek. They have that funky connector so I can't use anything else. I did not connect the Nova to the Titan. I have 4 20A dedicated lines going into the stereo room. So the Nova was plugged into one line, and the Titan was on a separate line.

I was using an BMI powercable between the Titan & my Pass X350.5. I will plug the Titan back in and try a different powercord to see if what I heard was due to incompatibility between Titan and the BMI cord.