IsoTek System Enhancer: Can it improve the sound?

I recently bought an IsoTek "Full System Enhancer and Rejuvenation Disc" Previously, I owned a Purist Audio Design "System Enhancer" for 15 years which a newly upgraded Ayre CX-7E mp. just spits out.

So I decided to replace the Purist Design device with the IsoTek. Before breaking the cellophane seal that will nullifies a full refund return to Music Direct, has any member used this product with success.?? Can it improve or enhance the sound of a system, especially one that has had some recent changes made. Thanx
Yes it will improve the system. Case in point: last week I took delivery of a new Wyred Dac 2 from the factory. I have been both listening to the unit and burning it in with the Isotek disc. Big improvement in the sound during the past week. All positives, no negatives.

how did you like the PAD disc? I have often wondered if it is worth the $119 price?

OTOH, I have the Isotek discs on order. I own many, many of these "test" CDs and find them all helpful, especially, the Stereophile series of discs. Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
To Jafant, In answering your question about the Purist Audio Design. The original disc which I owned showed improvement in the sound about 6 out of 10 times, but never were the changes dramatic. However, the other 4 out of 10 times, the changes were slight, but never notable or remarkable.

I spoke to Jim Aude about two week ago, and he claimed that the new and improved PAD disc uses approx. twice the amount of algoriths, but the process takes the same amount of time to cycle through.

Stereo 5: thanks for the feedback about the IsoTek
I have used a number of these discs over the years, and still do for 2 things, ...various phases of component, cord/interconnect and speaker break-in between music playback cycles and "system refresh" every 10days-2 weeks. They do work to greater or lesser degrees depending upon the disc in question, the algorithms used, restore the clarity, air, the system.

Perhaps it is the composition of my system over the years, the type of components, the fact that all cables I use of any kind have alot of ribbons and/or many mixed guage conductors in them, however, the best one I've found to date is the Isotek System Enhancer disc; specifically, I use Track2 (large systems, full-frequency/bass). The guys from Esoteric and someone else turned me onto this several years ago and it helps alot in both break-in as well as 'system tune-up' usage. The PAD RevB disc I have from a few years ago works well but at least for my system, does not yield the same level of results for either break-in or tune-up as the Isotek disc.

Agree with Sunnyjim that the changes are never earth-shattering with either disc; it's about bringing the subtleties back to the system,...remove any minor buildup of magnetic grunge, restore the air/transients clarity, etc.....

Personal opinion, way the PAD/other discs is worth the $119-$150 asking price I've seen. The price used to be a lot more reasonable. I think the same person who sets cable prices dreamed up the revised retail price on this disc. $50 top-end is about what these things are worth (again IMHO). The Isotek cost alot less when I bought it and it brings alot more to my system. I have a RevB disc that I would part with,...let me know via email if interested.

The Isotek disc is definitely worth breaking the cellophane! I've used it for 4-5 years and am very happy with the results.
Thanks! for chiming in- Zephyr.

do we know how PAD justifies the $119- price for their disc?
The only other disc, from Accupahse, is a SACD that costs $150+ on eBay and is from Japan only.

On a side note, I would like to have a copy of the original
PAD disc that you or SunnyJim has, would you be willing
to make me a copy? I can send you a blank CD-R.

Hope to get your reply soon! Happy Listening.
I have no idea how they rationalize a price like that. I'd be happy to sell the RevB PAD disc I have for a truly nominal price plus shipping. Don't want to be caught on a public forum breaking copyright. Send me an email we can discuss particulars :-)
The panel here does make interesting points;

what if, one's test disc is no longer rendered effective?
Is there such a thing as a test disc playing out (no pun), in terms of, not reviving our gear?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

keep us posted as you break-in, burn-in your system with the Isotek disc(s). Happy Listening!

looking for an update on the Isotek test disc w/ your system? Hopefully, you have used it and can provide an impression that it has made on your listening?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!