ISOTEK - Full System Enhancer CD

I had tried several system cleaning CDs to have some modest effect.

But this one from Isotek give jaws dropping effect of cleaning soundstage with reducing hiss noise.

It is worth every penny.

MusicDirect offer 60 days of satisfaction guarantee.

I recommend other member to try this inexpensive tweak.
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I like this disc. It does very well at breaking in gear that requires a signal to pass thru it.

Playing this disc does "refresh" my system to its potential. 
One caveat; I think the system must have good synergy and be revealing enough to appreciate the benefit of the enhancer track on the CD.

+1 to lowrider57

All the tweaks are system dependent.
All components are system dependent. 
Get the Ayre CD instead. Same concept but more effective

  It would be interesting to compare those two system enhancer CDs.

Once my system got cleaned by Isotek, I am not sure Ayre will make further improvement or not.
Shout out for the original and still the best for speaker placement plus the burn in track works very well - XLO Test CD. I’ve only mentioned it like a hundred times.
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I also have XLO burn in disk which did not impress me.

But Isotek did wonder to my system in cleaning the sound and reducing hiss noise.
The XLO Test CD works very well but you have to follow instructions and run it continuously for two - count em! - weeks. Then you will be impressed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 😬 What hiss noise? Tape hiss noise? Did you use the Isotek disc to position your speakers?
I also have Isotek positioning disk which did not impress me.

I used to have slight hiss noise out of tweeter and I had tried to reduce it with grounding block.

But after trying Isotek CD enhancer, such hiss had been almost gone.

Viola this disk saved me lot of money.

Grounding blocks are also pretty expensive.
Maybe there was a snake in your tweeter. 🐍 It’s highly doubtful that hiss can be affected by either grounding or burn in. Just my 2 centavos.
Another +vote for IsoTek CD enhancer.
Isotek Enhancer CD is also very good to burn in new earphone or headphone.
Would it be wrong to assume you used the Isotek CD to burn in your HIFIMAN RE-800S earphones?
I am using Isotek CD to burn in RE800S earphone now.
The $64,000 question is how long does it takes to burn in HIFIMAN earphones using the Isotek CD? 
And in the category of "audiophiles will believe anything" we have....
The average person would be much better off if he believed in too much instead of too little.

Don’t be a cube, rube! Go ape! 🦍