Isotek Evo3 Aquarius

Anyone tried this power conditioner? What are your experience with it? I'm currently using PS Audio Dectet and would like to know if this will be a substantial improvement?
I have one and love it. my toroid amp use to hum like the dickens. Syncro totally blocked it out. no impact on base performance. Vocals were just that much more clear and smooth. Made my Rega Osiris a much better piece of equipment.
I belong to a audiophile club and we tested the Isotek Aquarius Evo3 against Audience 12t, PS Audio, Shanyata and others.   The Isotek was definitely the winner, hands down.  If it only brought one improvement to the sound it was the quietness of my system but there was improvements in trough the floor bass response and soundstage was deeper and more defined .  You can't emprove on this conditioner, for the price or anywhere near the price. 
I have tried a few conditions now, with different amplifiers.  I can say with absolute conviction, they all add some sort of change to the tone of the system.  There is definitely a synergy to what type of amp you are using and what you are trying to do.  For example the Furman just added a haze to everything.  It got rid of hum in my amps, but the Furman itself hummed.  I did not like it much.  A Topaz line isolation transformer in my basement was very nice with my CJ Premier 140 amp.  Very little haze, but decent isolation from line noise.   The Topaz line Isolation transformer made a mechanical 60 hertz buzz through my 811A tube based amps. The 811A just sound best in the wall as they don't hum much even with dirty power.  I did not have the Isotec to test the difference.  My preamps, music servers etc sounded weird through he Topaz, so I went direct to the wall with them.  The Isotec Syncro sounded best on the SS Rega Osiris as stated above.  It actually made that amp better all around.  It added too much cloud to the CJ.  It also made my stand alone preamps etc sound a little off.  Better sound stage, but I did not like someting else I cant really say what, but something I did not like, so direct to the wall  went the front end equipment instead of through the syncro.
I am a master Electrician in Seattle WA so I have been involved lately with installing updated power to peoples audio racks.  I have heard the Isotec Equipment with Genesis amps.  They work very well at keeping the Toroid coils from humming, but add a little haze.  Not a lot, but with $100K speakers and $50K in amps, people want clarity, not cloud.  If you can go direct to the wall, it always sounds better.  From what I have heard.  Adding #10 THWN wire on a dedicated feed to Porter Port or better receptacles is a huge step in power, ease, dynamics with every system.  It is such an under appreciated upgrade, but only cost $1000 or so for a huge upgrade in performance.  HUGE, as in really makes a positive difference.  It does nothing to get rid of line induced noise from your utility.  It does a whole lot to get rid of ground loops.   Provided it is installed correctly.

In summation, it you don't really need a conditioner, don't get one.  Get better power for sure.  Get rid of all cheap light dimmers in your house and only use Lutron Maestro 600 or 1000 dimmers.  Do not use the low power selector switch on your under counter lights.  Turn them on high and use the Lutron to dim them.  That will rid a ton of pollution you are adding in your house.  Also, consider a Surge Protection device at your panel.  Not at your rack.  It won't do a lot to clean power, but it may save your system from some utility spike or lightning strike.  

If you have specific question about your system, you can look up Kingrex under members and send me a private question.  

Good luck
I have the Isotek Evo 3 Aquarius. It made some significant improvements to one of my rigs. You will hear a difference over the PS Audio unit.
I would try Audioquest & Isotek PCs and/or conditioners. Listen daily for 2-3 weeks and with a selection of "no-audiophile" music that are some of your favorites you play often...  
I have the Isotek Evo3 Aquarius. Everything but the amp is powered through it. It made a big difference to the sound quality of my system - comparable to a component upgrade, I would say. I’d been doing progressively more with respect to power quality; i.e., dedicated lines, isolating digital and analog gear to different outlets, a couple of Shunyata NR cords, an eTP60 power distributor. Was not certain how much more the Aquarius would bring but was very surprised and pleased with the marked improvement. Subsequently, found replacing the as equipped Isotek Premier power cord with a Shunyata Venom HC provided another step up in SQ.

Can’t speak about improvement over your current PS Audio Dectet, but ordering from Music Direct would give you plenty of time to audition and return if it did not work for you.
The OP probably made a decision some time in the eight years since his original post.

Still, for the sake of the current discussion, I have a Sigmas EVO3 combined with a Synchro EVO3.  The Puritan PSM 156 made a bigger difference (=improvement) to my system than did the Isotek combo.  As always, depending on the quality of the electricity coming into your house, YMMV.
Doh!  Didn't look carefully at the op when it appeared with a current reply to it.  

You are no doubt right.  A decision already made.

Have heard good reports about Puritan.