IsoTek and Audio Prism System Enhancers CD

I have owned Audio Prism's "System Enhancer" for about 10 years. I occasionally use it as directed, but have never been convinced it does (completely) what it claims. There are times I can hear some improvement, that is, the sound is less bright or edgy and seems more "relaxed"

AP provides a reasonable explanation as to how it works, but unlike a quality record cleaning system, I am still dubious of its effects. They now have a new version which is supposedly better.

IsoTeK offers a similar product with an added feature of cable burn-in, and also system sound enhancement, especially after a new component or cable is changed or added.

Would like to hear comments from members who have used one or both of these discs as to what sound improvement they have experienced. I prefer not to invest in the Mark II version of the AP "System Enhancer" if it either does not work or is only marginally better than the original. Thanks
Hi Sunnyjim

I've used the IsoTek system enhancer disc for a couple of years now. It has been part of the arsenal of items I've used to burn-in ICs, SCs, preamps, amplifiers etc. I also use it in the warm up process of my gear. I'll first turn on the system and start playing the disc from the get go. I'll leave the room and come back when it is done for listening. I also like to use it when my system has been off quite a bit of time.

As for the sonic benefits I think it has helped improve clarity of the music. It was hard to AB because even the shortest track was about 5 mins. I'd play some songs, play the quick refresh track and then play the same songs and I couldn't remember the exact differences. Too much time had gone by for me. At $30 it won't cost too much to try out.
Great disc to cut the time needed in half for running in new gear and cables. Like Jedinite24 I run mine on a regular basis for system maintenance and after the system has not been used for a while. Great for exercising new speaker drivers, got my old Lowther horns to sound very good in less than 2 weeks of 24/7 use. YMMV
Sunnyjim -

I love those 'tweaking' cds made by the various manufacturers.
I own many, many of these cds. No 2 are alike, they all work (to some degree) IMO.

Happy Listening!
Sunnyjim -

I was looking through my collection earlier today and I have the 1st Isotek tweaking CD.

Post a link to this 2nd/newer version!
Thanks to those who took the time to respond. I am NOT sure if IsoTEK has a MKII version, but Audio Prism's customer service claims there IS a "new" version of their" System Enhancer" CD which can be found on their website.

I will try to send a link,but my computer skills in cutting and pasting are limited. I guess I am "C&P Challenged"
Sorry if I'm misreading but I think the 2nd IsoTek CD they released is:

IsoTek: The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc Hi-Fi Audio Test CD Opus 3 Music CD

"IsoTek: The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc CD"

20-Track CD contains a mix of music, sounds and voices to help set up, test and fine-tune your audio system.

Featuring Music from Opus 3 Records

Made in Germany

Released by Audio Power Systems GmbH in 2011

Catalog No. CR-SET-UP-CD

I think this one is different than the enhancer disc with only 3 tracks.
HOLD THE PHONE!!! "The System Enhancer" IS OFFERED BY the company Purist Audio Design ...NOT Audio Prism. They do have a website and the product is still available
Thanks! for clarifying Jedinite24.

No, sunnyjim, I do not own the Purist Audio tweaking CD.
In fact, that is one of only a few that I do not own.
I was curious though, as, it is priced at $119.00 ?

This is the highest price for this type of product that I have noticed. On occasion, it can be bought for $99.00