Isophon Cassiano with diamond tweeter

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I just wanted to repeat the issue that I might indicate in other topic concerning preamplifier/poweramplifier. However, this is to get a different point of view and advice from you guys.

I currently own Isophon Cassiano speaker with diamond tweeter. Gryphon Diablo and a pair of Accustic Arts Preamp I mk3/ Amp II mk2 are being considered to be accompanied the existing speaker. Have you guys enjoyed the Cassiano speaker? Can you advise me to choose either Gryphon or AA or maybe an amplifier else for the best combination?


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I want to add ASR Emitter II Exclusive into the list. The used one costs as much as a new Gryphon Dialo.

Have you guys experienced with this ASR amplifier, please comment and advise.
Hello Lloydelee21,

Thank you. Please show me words that Dick Olsher of Stereophile had talked about this speaker with Accuphase electronics. I could not find those.

Thanks again!
Hi Zuio,

How do you think about Einstein or Octave? I see that Isophon has done demonstration between Cassiano and Octave in several exhibitions.

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