Isonoe Footers Vs. Maple Shade Footers

Has anybody every compared how the Isonoe footers compare with Mapleshade's threaded brass footers(2") when trying to stabilize a Technics 1200? I believe price wise they are in the same ballpark.
Boy, that's one I'd like to know as well. They're two entirely different approaches. Seems to me that Threaded Heavyfeet demand to be drained into an isolation platform, whereas the Isonoes could be standalone footers (but may also benefit from draining into an isolation platform).

I just wrote Marc Phillips, who's writing a series of articles for Tone Publications on the SL1200 and effectiveness of various tweaks, to see if he might do a comparison of Isonoes and Threaded Heavyfeet. His publicly displayed email address is (see

He has such a longstanding history of dissing Technics DD 'tables that KAB refused to loan him a review sample. The publisher bought him one instead to do this long term project. His initial impressions and review came out in issue 11 of Tone Audio Online. He will be following up in December with reviews of 4 different cartridges on the Technics (I don't know which ones).