Isolation with levelling

Is it possible to have an isolation base that also allows for levelling i.e. provides both isolation and a level platform for a TT? I have a Scoutmaster and have been looking for a platform that I could put beneath it to adjust for the slight levelling required upon my built-in shelf unit (very stable and sound, but a slight slope that can't be corrected with the supporting cones). Thought further and thought perhaps get one that also offers good isolation. But all of the isolation units I'm checking out assume a level shelf beneath the TT to start.

Am I just missing the units that do indeed offer this?

What about a cone which can adjust the level? The Stillpoints cones when used with risers are adjustable.
The sandbox designed by Thom Mackris of Galibier Design, and built by Timbernation uses threaded spikes that allow leveling.

The box works very well in my system. The build quality on mine overall is good
with some cosmetic issues (separating corner seams).
stillpoints or the sandbox are good options. also, the bright star air masses level by repositioning the component - I used to use one under my scout. it sounded very good, but only after I mass-loaded the air mass with about 15lbs of lead shot.
silent running audio craz rack levels and provides unheard of isolation

then again it's $10k + but worth every penny
Audiav Crystal rack is fully adjustable and when you add a Granite
Signature shelf for your TT this is all of the isolation with leveling
You will ever need.
billy bags pro turntable stand has leveling capabilities

put a SRA VR platform under your tt and you have excellent isolation

all for well under $2k
You can adjust the stock feet on the scoutmaster to level it on any stand. They unscrew