Isolation/Vibration control advise for a phono pre

Can anyone suggest a good vibration control device for use under a tube phono stage? I have a Fosgate Signature.

Thanks in advance.
Is it vibrating so much that you hear it? Just wondering.
I have been very happy with stillpoints with risers on both my tubed phono stages, EE Mini Max and Herron VTPH-2.
I had two friends who didn't believe they these devices would make a difference but both heard the difference right away. I have used several ; all of them worked , I am now using SR MIGs.
I am happy with the Solid Tech feet and racks....
Start with Herbies Tube Damping Rings if there is space for them. This will help quell microphonics that otherwise might be picked up from the transformer. Then you might want to fix some sound dampening material to the chassis and/or cover to reduce resonances. Once you do all that, a set of Vibrapods or Vibrapod Cones and Isolators in combo should do the trick. They work great under my turntable and I use Vibrapods under all my electronic components.

I have a Jolida phono pre and line stage and use Herbies Tube Dampers inside and Vibrapod Isolators under the feet. I have no complaints. They definitely lower the noise floor.
I second the Stillpoints.
I would try to acoustically screen the unit first. Most think it is what underneath, when in face it is the acoustical energy flying around the room that is the problem.
Agree with Johnnyb53 regarding Herbie's tube dampeners. They're cheap and they work. I have them on all my preamp tubes. (For power tubes I prefer Pearl tube coolers, which dissipate heat well and should prolong tube life.)

My two-chassis Doshi Alaap preamp is inside a closed-door cabinet, so somewhat screened from airborne vibrations.

For isolation from the stand and dampening of internal vibrations I've tried:
Stillpoints with/without Risers
Symposium Rollerblocks with:
- steel balls, not cryoed
- tungsten carbide balls, not cryoed
- steel balls, cryoed
- tunsten carbide balls, cryoed

For THIS preamp in THIS setup, the beneficial effects of each solution were as in the order stated above, the last solution being the best. Rollerblocks with cryoed tungsten carbide balls outperfrom Stillpoints under every component in my system except my TT (where Stillpoints + Risers + Inverted Risers are better and safer) and my universal disc player, where all these devices are a sonic detriment.

FYI, the benefits are noticeably greater from isolating the power supply chassis than from isolating the preamp itself. IME any component with large transformers benefits from isolation/dampening, e. g., my power amp and my Exact Power unit.