Isolation under Berkeley DAC2

For those who own the Berkeley DAC, what have you found that gives best results under the dac? I'm sure there is something that improves on the stock feet.
done quite a few experiments upto keeping dac in my own hands vs. placed onto the shelf; placing it onto the walker racing cones, flipping it upside down, mounting spikes instead of feet and still still couldn't agitate any difference at all positive or negative.

perhaps i should get some personal db-audiophile-sensitivity vigorous training.
I've had good luck using myrtle blocks under the chassis not the feet. I have some for sale on Audiogon presently.
Don't know about berkeley, but under PS Audio PWD MkII I use Black Diamond Racing Cones and they have made a substantial improvement in clarity and speed.

Hands down Nordost Sort Kones. Go for the BC model, best bang for the buck.
Herbie's Tenderfeet under DAC. Two VPI bricks on top of DAC. All on three inch thick maple slab with brass cones.