Isolation transformers on CDP to reduce glare?

Any experience with isolation transformers which can go after the CDP which can improve sonics -- particularly glare? thanks
I have no experience with islolation transformers, but do own Inouye line conditioners and Quantum Electroclear filters. For $40, the Quantum will do exactly what you describe, and do it quite well, even if you are using a good line conditioner.
yes, absolutely- lower noise floor, less 'glare'- Ensemble Isolink- I use two- one on transport, one on dac- would not be without them now...
I've gotten the same results by upgrading power cords on CDP's.
I'd rather stick with Craig. I haven't heard an isolation transformer so far, at least used in the configuration as suggested above, which did not subtly reduce resolution across the entire musical spectrum.
RSVP if you want info on better DIY PCs to try. I also found that a proper iso/absorb shelf (Neuance is my favorite) to reduce perceived glare by tightening coherence.
Certainly experimenting with different ICs will help you tailor the top octaves response to your liking. But first things first: start with a good PC and a Neuance. If you're still stuck get a CDP with less digititis. Seriously....
My system uses isolation transformer based filter arrays (Clear Image T4) and there is a definite improvement. I can see your point, Detlof and I use serious vibration control measures on my transformers to enhance clarity and resolution. This has been one of the great lessons I have learned: how vibration affects electricity. Nonetheless, the overall result is better than before.

By the way, I'm still waiting for the pictures...

If one wants to try isolation transformers, the best place to start is eBay. ONEAC isolation transformers are pretty much musically benign and can be gotten cheaply through eBay for $10-$40 used.

Isolation transformers benefit greatly from vibration control measures. Detlof is correct.
Auric Illuminator treatment kit can reduce some CD glare. Also, a good power cord, especially the Custom Power Cord line.
The audio tekne cd transformer reduced the glare without changing the sonics. I don't know how it works because of the Japanese manual. I have played with interconnects,bybee filters and none have eliminated the glare without reducing the sonics. The major drawback is the price 4-10k. I have only used the 4k model. It does take away a step or two in the volume but didn't make a difference in sound
Another tweak that will reduce glare are the Walker Audio High Definition Links, Mk. II version is noticeably superior. I broke off one of my leads recently and have been listening without. I can't wait to get them back in the system.