Isolation Transformers -- Equitech or Torus?

I'm interest of Equitech 3RQE and Torus RM-16, is there any big difference in sound character between these two product? How do these two brands compare in sound quality?

PS: I'm thinking if Torsu is more worth to buy because the price of RM-16 is much cheaper than 3RQE...
There are a number of threads on power on the forums but I don't recall one where someone states one or the other of these brands of isolation transformers is superior to the other though each has their following. Would like to see what you get back in answer to this question as this may be a direction I go in the future for my system....
Thank you.....for an install where the i-transformer would be used to drive power to a 125amp sub-panel for listening room, which is the best model overall for us audio-nuts' concerns?
I've had great experience with Equitech, and this is the first I have heard about them not being easy to deal with.

Love my 2Q, but have not heard Torus.
Thanks everyone! Favorite/best models for Audiophiles (think sub-panel rated up to 125amps and whole-house panel 225-amp or better).
Asked Equi=tech twice in about a week to quote a price without answer. Once to Torus and had an interesting discussion with them.
at the start I gave a slight advantage to Equitech but now I imagine if I deal with them and need an aswer or have some trouble to fix and they don't answer... What do I do ?
As I live in Europe I need to be assured for these things as it is difficulté to phone direçtly in the USA technical spoken language etc.

I am about to buy a Torus one. Until ow I only had pasive conditionner because I want to connect everything without any loss in dynamics. I had the Lessloss first model that was great until I listened to a Bybee Stealth that I traded in when he made the new Crystal technology for the Holographic I have until now.
my current is not that good and sound quality varies fro mtime to time. So I looked something for preserving from that changes and put me independant from that noise. The only way I found is active isolation transfos. I looked at the forums and reviews and selected Equi=Tech and Torus. I am in Europe and Equitech never answered mu emails. Torus instead answered and gave me all the infos I needed.
I privately talked to a guy that has a WM90 Torus and he is so happy with it that he sold back the Shunyata Triton he previously wanted to keep connected to the Torus and feels better like that.
Now that I am very near to make a decision I see that some consider JMF Audio as better. I went on their website and there is not much explanation about the technical elements that leads them to their conditionner.
Does someone has opinion or experience with Torus vs JMF or another

Why contact Equitech directly instead of a dealer? Would you call GM to for prices? Or perhaps a dealer?

Thats an easy answer, because the majority of dealers of any audio product has a level of knowledge only as deep as the info found on the public flyer found on the manufacturers website of the wares they are selling.

Would you contact a dealer if you wanted to know the technical details of why the torridial transformer found inside one of these devices was sufficient to power an audio system? Would you be OK taking the word of a guy with no electrical background that has a quota to meet?

I hope not  

I have an EquiTech Son of Q and it's been rock solid,  my system is dead quiet with it providing power...
Torus is not balanced. Equitech is balanced, and where most of the benefits come from.
Dear Eniac. If you really want an answer you call the "dealer"; either before of after you call the manufacturer : )