Isolation Transformer OR Power conditioner

I have a pair of tube monoblocks that i'm plugging into a power bar for now (limited outlets) but looking to upgrade my power situation

Dedicated lines is not an option at this time
My digital is currently being plugged into a balanced conditioner

I need your help in determining what's best for my setup
Mainly my Tube monoblocks
Sean, DeZorel units do not use trannies. Never have. I almost cried when I had to return the loaner. Lak still has one, I think.
is there a us retailer
Are these the plug and play type

Sorry for the dumb questons
Psychic: I didn't remember the specifics of the Dezorel. The only time i ever saw anything on them had to do with you asking me about them and then some type of business scandal that they were supposedly later involved in.

I do remember you asking my opinion of these units, with which you then provided me with spec's. After examining the spec's, i told you that these looked to be a lower to medium grade toroidal based unit and that they probably weren't worth messing with. When you asked why, i replied that the figures were much lower than what could be achieved with a high quality isolation transformer.

At that point, you forwarded my response back to Dezorel, along with the figures that i quoted. Dezorel responded that those figures would be very hard, almost impossible to achieve. I then forwarded you the spec's on a couple of different Iso's that i was aware of and you forwarded that back to Dezorel. One of those units were the same Iso's that i had turned Lak onto, of which he had two. After Dezorel saw the spec's for these units, that was the last i ever heard from you about them.

Given that i saw nothing outstanding about these units, i pretty much never paid any attention to them. This could be why i didn't recall anything about them or the fact that they didn't use toroids, even though their spec's looked as if they did. Sorry for the confusion if my comments generated any.

Musicfile: I responded back to your email, but once again, you didn't provide the info that i was looking for. I explained what was needed in the email, along with some of the caveats of using an Iso in your specific type of installation. Sean
Where are you these days, Sean? In tha shoppe? I'm @ my parents' recovering from foot surgery...have some 'free' time these days to surf the net.
Unemployed and living at the parents house. You should have played George Costanza on Seinfeld instead of Jason Alexander.

All the credentials but bad timing; missed your calling by a few years.