Isolation Transformer OR Power conditioner

I have a pair of tube monoblocks that i'm plugging into a power bar for now (limited outlets) but looking to upgrade my power situation

Dedicated lines is not an option at this time
My digital is currently being plugged into a balanced conditioner

I need your help in determining what's best for my setup
Mainly my Tube monoblocks
As much as I hate to admit it, PS Audio has a new, very inexpensive filter system out that, according to a very trusted friend, is just amazing.
It has both common and differential mode filtering and 'unlimited' current supply. I haven't compared it to my beloved balanced power but, I have built similar power filters and found them to be quite impressive!
140 watts

Gordus are you leaning towards this PS Audio unit as well
Does it throw a lot of heat
I don't trust PS Audio nor any manufacturer that does not publish noise reduction specs. That's something very measurable.

I have used DeZorel from Yugoslavia and they make KILLER power filters with guaranteed specs & tolerances. Their downloads section has good info: