Isolation transformer - getting full, rated kva

I am having my electrician install a Topaz 5kva isolation transformer (TP-91905-68) that will power 4 dedicated circuits in a seperate, dedicated sub panel. The electrician has 220v coming in off the main panel into the Topaz and then 120v going out of the Topaz to the sub panel. I thought I had read in one of the posts here that in this type of installation, if not done correctly, you cold actually only be getting 1/2 of the rated output of the isolation transformer (so, 2.5kva versus 5kva).

If anyone has knowledge of this particilar isolation transformer in this type of configuration and can shed some light on the situation (if in fac there is an issue) I would be very grateful.
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No, no owners manual and was not able to find one online.