Isolation transformer

I am considering installing an isolation transformer for my dedicated subpanel. I am interested in the Torus or Equitech.

Has anyone installed an IT and ended up not using it much or returned to passive power conditioner/active AC regenerators?

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I used a Topaz isolation transformer for a few months but have since removed it. The reason is my incoming ac voltage fluctuates between 119 and 127 volts. The output of the topaz had a 2 v gain so when I would have 127v in I would get 129 out. Too high for my tube amp.

When it was in I had a slightly lower noise floor. The other factor I did not really care for was the parisitic power being used. What I mean is with NO LOAD it was very warm and I figured it was using about 90watts.
Xti16, a very interesting post and perspective of isolation transformers that most people don't even consider.

I appreciate your input even though I am not in the market.
As with most things concerning home audio they`re many individual experiences. I`ve used a BPT BP 3.5 Signature Plus (balanced transformer similar to Equi-tech) for close to 3 years. It has been an oustanding addition to my system and all components are plugged into it.

The noise floor is lower.dynamics,inner detail/nuance, musical flow,liquidity and sense of ease are much improved compared to wall outlet(20 amp dedicated lines). In my system I have`nt experienced any negative effects. I`m a strong supporter of balanced electrical power. Unlike the above poster, this unit is cool to the touch(24/7 use) and there`s no hum issue. As aiways YMMV.

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Didn't the Topaz have different taps to adjust voltage a bit? I am pretty sure my MGE ultra isolation transformer does. It does cook some, but it is way over sized. I use it for my computer and hardrive on a digital front end. I didn't care for it on the analog stuff- it killed the PRaT. It is rated at 1500w too btw.
I have 2 Topaz Isolation transformers and Tice Powerblock in the various systems I have. I forget the parasitic nature of them. I guess I always thought of them as superchargers. I measured their consumption with a Kill-A-Watt and the 1.8 KVA ITs consumed about 30 watts when just plugged in. The 1 KVA Isolation Transformer consumed about 15 watts when plugged in with no load. Not too bad IMO for the benefits mentioned above. Xti16 you must have had a huge IT in use for it to consume 90 watts with no load. I don't think I'd ever go back to not having Isolation Transformers in my systems. I want to get one for my headphone set-up now.

As for an Isolation Transformer on your sub-panel. Months ago I saw a member post a picture of it in their system. Pretty cool install but I lost the bookmark. I think there were 2 panel and 2 large industrial Isolation Transformers on concrete blocks under each.
I use an Equi-Tech Model 20 in my bedroom system. It is cool to the touch and does improve the sound in the areas that Charles1dad described. I upgraded to my current power filtration system (that can be seen on Audiogon listed in my systems that I use for my major Audio systems because of improved performance in all areas.
My current power filtration system (and I’ve used it for at least seven years) consists of two Exntek Extreme Isolation Transformers (5 KVA each) that feed into my Audio sub-panel. The isolation transformers do run warm to the touch (96 degrees F and produce 55 dB of sound with the reading taken within one inch of the transformers). The noise and generated heat doesn’t bother me because the power filtration system is located in the basement.
I hear greatly improved musical response in all areas with no major side effects other then the production of some hum, slight heat and of course any isolation transformer is going to consume additional electricity.
I think different brands of isolation transformers produce different results and most likely are somewhat system dependent. What works well for one audiophile might not produce the same results for another. The beauty of my power filtration system is I purchased the transformers used and did all of the labor myself. Total cost was well under $1000 and the results are excellent.
I think an Isolation on dedicated lines is a good idea. In an isolation transformer the output winding will be isolated, or floating from earth ground unless bonded at the time of installation. Secondary neutral to ground bonding virtually eliminates common mode noise, providing an isolated neutral-ground reference for sensitive equipment and an inexpensive alternative to the installation of dedicated circuits and site electrical upgrades.

An isolation transformer allows an AC signal or power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. Isolation transformers block transmission of DC signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC signals to pass. They also block interference caused by ground loops. Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment. Isolation transformers are different from auto transformers in which the primary and secondary share a common winding.
I installed a Richard Gray SubStation Pro, 220/110 stepped down, balanced power ISOTransformer, on a dedicated 220 V line and havent looked back. A measley 50 watts of parasitic power on 150 pound of windings is no issue for me. I also have the RGPC 600S parallel choke connected for the complete ISO Gray system. I also have my system ultimately "powered" by one PS Audio Premier dedicated for each monoblock, and P500 for all source components. Two different technologies complimenting one another. Installation of the Gray system,in my case,was based on sound electrical engineering principles, not percieved psycho-acoustical benefits, which is subjective and component based. However I'm sure there is some sound benefit, but that's not the main reason why I purchased it.
My Topaz is a 2.4KVA and I did not see any taps to adjust the voltage. BTW the Topaz Is a balanced output with a whopping -146db in common mode rejection (neutral to ground)(forget what normal mode was). I used a clamp on amp probe to measure the current then multiplied by the input voltage to get the 90w. Now my Topaz does have a slight hum (wish I could teach it the words intead).
It`s refreshing to read the posts of other balanced transformer owners who`s experiences have been as rewarding as my own(note the various brands also). This does represent good science/engineering priciples put to use to significantly improve the sound and enjoyment of one`s audio system. A well designed balanced isolation transformer(of proper size for the job) is definitely money well spent.
Many thanks for the informative posts.

What are the things to pay attention to when setting one up?

Which brand of ITs should I go for ? I was going to try equi=tech but learnt that they no longer source transformers from Plitron. I am thinking of the Torus.