Isolation Shelves

I know this question has been asked before because I've read the posts concerning two Sistrum vs Neuance.

First let me explain where I'm planning to put my source component in this case a JoLida 100a. For ventilation purposes I'm planning to put the player ontop of my AV Rack which is a Synergy S40 from Salamader Designs. The Top of the unit is made out of solid wood not MDF. I've ordered and expect anyday to recieve my Black Diamond Racing Cones MK4 for tube componets.

Here's my question if I deciede to continue tweaking should I get the corresponding pucks from BDR. This I was told by the dealer is a cheap alternative to the shelve or should I try one of the above mentioned shelves.

Cheers and Many Thanks
I know nothing about the BDR cones. But it is my generic understanding that the associated coupling discs (if that's what you are calling pucks) lessens the performance benefits, not increases.

The JD100 sounds great on a Sistrum SP-1. I have mine set up this way and the difference with and w/o is not subtle. It is indeed money well spent.


Thanks Ozzy,

Does the stand rest on the floor or on your rack. Which ever stand/self I buy I plan to put it ontop of my current rack.

I have the player and sistrum on the 2nd shelf of my Adona equipment rack. But you do need a little extra clearance with the SP-1 under a component.



Thanks for the info right now my player sits on top of my av rack. here is a link to my rack:

Having it on top I won't have any clearance issues and by the way I like my player to be visable. By the way do you happen to use the coupling disks.


Yep, no problems with it on top of any rack. I do use the coupling discs under the Sistrum.

BTW, replacing my rack with one of these also reaped huge benefits on my digital front end.
Right now that is my home theater rack. When I have more space I'll devote myself to a proper 2 channel system rack included.