Isolation Sand Boxes

I built some MDF sand boxes and filled them with 15 lbs of sand. Why do they make my CD player sound quieter?
Er uhm, I'm not certain. Do you think that it may have something to do with the "tiny" little shovel and pail?
i give up. what does your cat think? -cfb
My guess is less vibration? DO I WIN!!!
Is it because you put the sand in one of the boxes while the CD player was in the box?
On a more serious note, and assuming you have placed the CD player on the sand (be careful with that) or a non-resonant platform on the sand, my observation is that Glen does win. You are doing a superior job of isolating the CDP from its environment and in damping the vibrations eminating from the CDP itself. When I placed my SACD player on an Isobase (an isolation platform manufactured by one of our NJ Audio Society members which uses a small, silicone and air filled innertube in a base with a lead and sand mixture) I would swear to you that the player's volume level increased 2 db. Lowered noise floor, who knows? But very effective.
it sounds quieter because you're so chuffed with yourself for building them, that the sound just had to be better!
on a more serious note, maybe your cd player sounds quieter because you blew out your hearing using the power saw cutting all that mdf.
how come the big ticket audio reviewers never mention these possibilities?!
You will undoubtedly change the sound by putting a CD player on a sand-box. Whether or not it is an improvement depends on how bad the previous support was. Now that you have discovered how important vibration control is, you will hopefully look at some alternatives to sand-boxes.
Hey guys, a nice end to my hectic day! You guys crack me up :)
Thanks for all the comments. A 3/4" MDF platform sits on top of the sand. The sand box sits on a rack (lots of MDF and solid woods). I decided that I liked it better without the sand box... The sand box just sucked the life right out of the player! Kinda weird... I might try the BD cones, maybe #4's and some lead shot on top of the player.
Hi Buckingham. Yes the sand boxes do such the life out. Personally, I believe you are right to try the #4s than the #3s, but my preference with BD Cones was 2 #4s and 1 #3. Another option, which is possibly better with a timber and MDF rack, is the large DH Cones, or the Walker Valid Points. But at that price you might be better to begin looking at a proper rack and the Neuance shelves. You ain't heard nothing till you have heard that.
I agree that the CD player does not sound good on the sand box, the amps do though. Though the sandbox does work well (with digital) when used with BD racing cones or even much better the Walker Valid Points
So you're saying I should keep the sand boxes under it when I get the MK4's?
Interesting. Tweaking is fun.
Well of course it's lifeless, you aren't using audiophile quality sand. Do yourself a favor and drop $500 for a couple pounds of Silentra Mass V sand.
I recently upgraded to their Diagrit series, best $1500 I ever spent. The imaging prolems that had plauged my system all but disapeared and my lower-mid resolution became clearer much finer grained. There's also a slight improvement in bottom end weight, although I'm sure it would be more if I had more sand.
I tried quicksand, and it was great for the 45 seconds that the CD player stayed in sight.....

I'm actually using Silentra's Diagrit series! I first used the NORMAL sand that I had brought home with me from Florida, then I decided I would upgrade. Like you said overall the presentation was much finer grained than with the regular non audiophile quality sand. I think everybody should have Diagrit in their system. I second Grungle, best $1500 I ever spent!
Buckingham, BIG mistake with the Florida sand, far too coarse for your purposes. If you can make it to the Sahara, now there's the ultimate...
You guys are all GOOFS !!!! Everyone knows that sand will add "grain" and "grit" to a system. It can also sound very "dry" and "bleached".

Your best bet is to use clay straight from the banks of the Mississippi. The soundstage will fill in with far greater "density" while also being "wetter" with increased "liquidity". The sound will be so "moldable" that you will think that the performers are present in the room.

The increased cohesiveness may be due to the fact that the clay will act as one supporting structure rather than the sand acting as individual grains, all with different ideas and motives.

Some folks claim to have had good luck with "moon rocks", but i don't believe them for several reasons : ) Sean
Sean, good news, I've cryogenically frozen my Florida sand and it just blows away the Diagrit series! Give it a try if you have any buddies with a Cryo chamber.