Isolation Platforms vs spikz on spkrs: Wilson WP7?

Anyone experimented with either Symposium or SRA platforms vs. the stock spikes on Wilson Watt Puppy 7, Avantgarde or other speakers?

The claim is that spikes don't drain as much of the energy away from speakers as does a good platform.

If you've tried this or heard it please let us know the results: benefits, advantages and disadvantages.
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i took the mezzo utopia spikes off and sited them on maple boards 30mm thick that came off kitchen worktops, yes they are better without spikes, have not tried the sympossium yet.My floor is the joist/particle board suspended type.
Thanks Tangram

Anyone else? The buzz is that shelves for speakers are far superior to the spikes-significantly. Surprised that more experimental ag'ers haven't tried this.

Now is this considered coupling or decoupling- or something else? Shelves that can absorb and transfer more energy than spikes?
For my speakers, S.A.P. J2001, I prefer using a platform, specifically, a Symposium Svelte shelf. The entire bottom of the speaker sits on the shelf (no spikes), which in turn sits on carpet over wood flooring. I've also heard the Svelte Shelf used effectively with a big pair of Spendor floorstanding speakers (I believe 9/1).