Isolation platforms for turntables

I am in searching process for buying one. My tt is very near to one of my speakers. I do not feel any disturbance in sound bit i like the idea of isolating my tt, any interference, and i think i will see benefits of this(dont ask why :) )

I found a lots of brands, lots of models, lots of diy ideas. Symposium, vibraplane, acoustic revive, hrs, sra, townshed many brand, many platforms.

I really like to know whoch one you are using and what benefits you have earned for your beloved turntable.

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I never went to any Symposium Plate and looked for something serious instead.
12-20-13: Altanpsx
Bconero117 i think vibraplane is an electron microscpe platform, and it costs 2-4 kish. But it has its own problems like air pump tanks etc... If it worths sure i may consider.

VP is made for microscopes. I own a few and they are reliable from Day one.
But there is one detail to think about, NEVER move the VP when the feet are filled. All air loss is based on that mistake. But this is noticed in the manual.
When they are new and filled first, the air hoses will be stretched a little bit, so refill has to be done about 2 or 3 times after 2 weeks, when the hoses have their final diameter all is stable. For mine I refill them probably all 4 months.
Car Tires for example need a check too, based on diffusion.
The VP can also ordered in active version (compressor).