Isolation platform for my Esoteric DV-50S


I am in search of a reputable isolaton platform to go under my 50 lb. Esoteric DV-50S CD/DVD player. Any suggestions under 300 USD and your experience with such. Thanks. Dave
Neuance by Greater Ranges. Less than $200.
My Symposium Svelte with Fatpadz is amazing. I like the Symposium Ultra I have even better.

Best I've found under my DV50
I have the perfect solution for you - the Gingko Audio Cloud 10 or Cloud 11 make the Esoteric phenominal sounding. We discovered this quite by accident - one of the top shelves of the rack we wanted to use for the DV50 was cracked, and we were a bit hesitant to put such a heavy player on a cracked shelf, so temporarily, we used a Gingko Cloud 10 platform. You could now hear very dictinctly what everyone that has the Esoterics raves about in terms of low level detail, black background, and "air". Huge improvement over just putting the DV50 directly onto any shelf of any rack. Go for it...

I have acheived best results with Sistrum SP-1 stand for my DV50S. Even better than the Gingko 11 that I use for my Turntable. Enjoy!
I use the SAP Relaxa + under my DV-50. I am really happy with the performance. Sound is more focus and transients cleaner with the SAP in place. You might be able to get one used for the price.