Isolation Platform for Clearaudio Performance

I have a Clearaudio Performance turntable and am trying to find an isolation base for it. I was looking at a Gingko cloud 11 but they recommend a weight of at least 30 lbs. The Clearaudio only weighs about 22 lbs. Thoughts?
There used to be a product called Neuance (shelf). It's excellent with light & medium weight articles. I used to sit a Maximum on it (and was happy). Try neuanceaudio dot com.
There are quite a number of companies around, meanwhile, offering more or less effective solutions (philosophies, one is inclined to say). My own first choice would be one of the custom made series by Silent Running Audio, perfectly adapted to the weight distribution of your turntable. Price tags of the VR Series would still seem to stand in an acceptable relation, otherwise there is the more affordable (non-custom) TremorLess series. Have a chat with them. Otherwise, should you happen to reside in Europe, I have good experience with SSC products from Germany. I have no idea whether these are distributed in the US, though.
Vinh Vu of Gingko Audio here.
We just came out with the Cloud 14A and 14B, designed specifically for lighter TTs. See the review in the current March issue of the Absolute Sound on newsstands now.

Also, see this Audiogon ad:
Vinh Vu
I have a Performance, and bought a Cloud 10 from Ginko, and the sound is DEAD quiet. I never had the turntable set up without it, so I can't really compare, but it sounds great to me, and it's on a heavy, but moveable rack, so I couldn't be happier with the Cloud 10.
Look up they have specific platforms and racks made for various turntables
Hi, I am using a Stands Unique transition wall shelf which is essentially a glass shelf supported by two spikes and a metal bracket at the rear - very solid, as it needs to be as the Clearaudio Performance DC turntable weighs in at a hefty 11.5kg
Based on your current set-up, I'd look for a used BDR shelf for the source. If you find one that fits in your rack, grab it!
Symposium Ultra stealth get the best!!
Minus K for complete isolation
Goose , EBM is a satisfied owner of Symposium products as I am also,
however I'm sure you don't want to spend 1000s on a single platform
isolating and draining vibrations with your ClearAudio table.

I think the most effective and best value you can find on the market today is
Symposium ISO platform. Symposium developed these platforms
specifically for light to medium weight turntables such as yours.

There is no question Symposium products are effective with solid science
behind their products and are probably the best bang for your buck.
I use them under my preamp ,phono stage , power supplies and speakers
and have experimented with Symposiums phatpaz for platter bearing drain.
Sorry to bring up old news but I have a Clearaudio Performance and have moved into a house with wooden subfloors. It's skip city when I walk around.

Will a Gingko Cloud solve this?

I have my turntable on the top shelf of a Solid Steel S2 rack. I've tried Vibropods, securing the rack to the wall, and a maple block under the table to no avail. I've also increased my tracking force to around 2 grams (VPI Zephyr MKII) and double checked my anti-skate. About to try a different turntable.
I said Symposium Ultra Stealth on a wall mounted stand this will solve your problem however most people want the cheap way out.Good luck though.
+1 on Symposium. Try holding your hand against the wall that would host the wall shelf while playing bass heavy media at highest volume level of normal listening range. If you feel vibration with your hand, wrong location for wall shelf. Know this from experience.