Isolation pads for the speaker stands

Recently I installed Herbies fat dots on the speaker stands
The bass improved immediately but is too heavy. Should i use
softer dots or to remove sand from the columns since I filled
them to the top.
Have you experimented with moving the stands/speakers? Stands from the walls/speaker toe-in?
Also try: Moving your speakers more out in the room..That should give you more midrange openness and cut back on the Bass energy......Move them a few inches at a time until satisfied.....I found my Kharmas work best about 5' out into the room.....
I had the same problem. My stands now have the little clear dots that are used for cabinet doors to keep them from the wood door coming in contact with the wood face of the cabinet(three on each corner). It didn't matter where I moved the stands either. It's something the cabinet is doing and has nothing to do with placement.
If you have the time and patience,try changing the amount of sand filled in the stands..I have found ( using Skylan Speaker stands ) that the amount of fill required for best sonics in fillable stands has a lot to do with Speaker cabinet construction..Thin wall speaker cabinets react much differently than thick wall speaker cabinets..Sonics can change considerably ( good and bad ) from the amount of fill in Stands.....I ended up filling only 1/3 of stands.....
I put some Vibrapods under my Silverline Preludes not really expecting anything (I mean really...I've been spiking speakers into floors for decades...wasn't I supposed to?) and I'm amazed at how well that works. Highly recommended as a really cheap tweek...I guess it has something to do with keeping energy out of the floor where my sub lives (the sub remains podless).
Thanks for help. I also have Skylan stands and Carbon 7
speakers with the thick walls. I will try today to remove
sand from the columns.
I would try removing the pads, giving a hard coupling between the speaker and the stand. Small spikes, wood buttons, etc. Anything that isn't squishy may firm up the sound.
O.K. I removed the sand, left approximately 1/3 and the sound
improved (no heavy bass). I will also replace dots with
softer bumpers.
The bass never changed..the spectral balance and dynamics changed. The sand and soft materials suck the life right out of thin air resulting in a dark and deaden sound..No air, what you have left is the perception of more bass and less of the musical event. Tom
Kiza : Glad things worked out..Funny how things can change with more or less sand.....The transition between Stand and Speakers is also a crapshoot..Herbies' stuff is great..Many like Bluetak.......Just keep trying different things an eventually you will find the right cure..Every situation is a little different..

Now remove all the sand and replace with reactive agents such as brass powder or steel bearings. Vibration will be attracted and drawn to these materials.Fill 25 to 30%.. The speaker needs to be terminated to the stand and the stand needs to be terminated/coupled to the floor to make this one continuous pass thru of resonant energy. Soft materials de-couple and store and slow energy, you want to provide as fast an exit strategy as possible. Material choice and its geometry are crucial to this outcome. Tom