Isolation for speakers on spikes

A friend recently gave me some Vibrapod isolation discs to put under my speakers, B&W 704. The effect was amazing, however I believe that by removing the spikes the speakers lost a lot of their quickness, and with some music they sound even a little muddy and dull. I tried resting a board on the pods, and the speakers with spikes on top of that, but that didn't work out. How can I get the best of both worlds--the great isolation benefits but also maintain the quickness and clarity that spikes deliver?
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Isolation will help prevent nuisance vibrations or resonances transfering from room to stand to speaker and vice-versa..."rattling" or "boominess" at certain frequencies.

Spikes make a very strong connection to a wooden floor: vibrations and resonances will transfer more easily. This can help if you have some useful vibrations somewhere that you want to amplify. For example, transfering low frequency enclosure vibration from enclosure to the floor for instance to enhance bass.

In theory damped systems have lower distortion overall - so my preference would be to use those vibrapods; Blu-Tak works great too!
All those vibrations in your speakers: where do all those deleterious resonances go with your Vibpods? Those 'pods keep the very microphonous meanies and the like right in your speakers, where you don't want them. You want them to go to Mother Earth through the points. This has been beat to death here on the 'gon. Some are couplers, some decouplers, and yes; some mix the two. Go figure. Why do you think the Sistrum Platform worked so beautifully? Pure coupling--magnifying the points capabilities with the us of the platform acting as a resonant conduit.
Thanks for the responses so far. Warrenh, I think I may try the audiopoints. We have the same amp, right, the YBA Passion? You think the audiopoints will lend the same benefit as the pods and also clean up rest?
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I sold my Passion, but I had the Sistrum SP1 under it for years. Wonderful. Will never have an amp, cdp, anything, without sitting on a Sistrum SP1 or their points. Audiopoints are wonderful, but the Sistrum system takes it to another level...I have the Sistrum under my new baby...